The Blues Alive festival honored both Jagger and Richards


The organizers have prepared a pleasant surprise for them this year in the form of a second full-fledged stage. They called it the Jam Stage and placed it in a giant heated tent very close to the cultural center, the main venue of the show. A number of great sets were on display this year as well.

From Thursday’s program, let’s mention the thirty-one-year-old Norwegian-British guitarist Krissy Matthews, who impressed with his excellent blues-rock technique and vital stage show. By the way, the next day he also gave a master class to guitar players.

The blues-rock performance of the singing saxophonist Jimmy Carpenter, who later started the subsequent jam session, was similarly captivating. His instrumental dialogue with Australian guitarist Kara Grainger was particularly memorable.

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The finale on the main stage was taken care of by the participants of the traveling version of the Chicago Blues Festival in a more classic spirit on the first day.

On Friday afternoon, he opened a concert for guitarist Jan Martinek’s 70th birthday and a very interesting performance by the domestic band The Bladderstones. It must be admitted that her unique and well-honed music was somewhat challenging for a pure blues audience.

From Friday evening, let’s mention the pleasant certainty in the form of the Michal Prokop trio and the very well-trodden performance of the Chicago guitarist Bernard Allison. The main star position belonged to the formation G Love & Special Sauce, which goes a long way from blues roots to alternative, funk and rap.

Photo: Luděk Peřina, CTK

G. Love and Special Sauce performed on the second day of Blues Alive. Pictured is her frontman Garrett Dutton.

The concert of the Mick & Keith Tribute Band on Saturday afternoon was an extraordinary experience. The one-off band was assembled from top Czech musicians by guitarist Honza Ponocný and invited the Israeli-American singer Mikey Arielová. Together, mainly with cover versions of solo recordings, they honored the eightieth birthday of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards this year in an absolutely captivating way.

The evening brought an unusual treat in the form of the Creole-singing French trio Delgres, and a really juicy finale was provided by the respected Tommy Castro with the band The Painkillers and the extremely authentic, almost septuagenarian Robert Finley, who rose from a street player to the current American blues Olympus during the last ten years.

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