I wouldn’t be me without encouraging songs, by Radek Banga

I wouldn’t be me without encouraging songs, by Radek Banga
I wouldn’t be me without encouraging songs, by Radek Banga

Pedchoz word record you recorded the whole sm. How was it in the current situation?
At the first word, I kind of went crazy, I felt it, I didn’t have a whole band together, just a musician. It was different with the others, there was a complete group in the studio, I knew exactly what kind of sound I wanted to achieve. He said that this time it’s my album. Pedchoz Vci otherwise was very much connected with the daughter (Un)poli to dl, which I wrote. This time I sang with a relaxed, positive, and actually even silly album.

Was he dead from the arrest, or did it somehow come out in the middle of the night?
I wanted it that way. In the meantime, I played a few concerts with the word repertoire, and when you have half of the repertoire in Utah, which may sound a bit pejorative, but they are simple ballads, I don’t have to take it full of everyone. At concerts, in short, fast songs that get people moving a little work. I was clear about this from the beginning.

You changed the book that accompanied the previous album and created the concept together. How is it in ppad Nic nen nemon? Is it possible to trace a line on it too?
At least in that, for twelve years, I’ve been working as a student, adult, company, or anyone else. It bothers me a lot and it has to do with my inner transformation, with who I was twenty years ago and who I am today. It is about two completely different people. I love the feeling when I can really motivate someone, which seems like a simple thing, but it’s not that easy. But when I follow their journey on Instagram for some, I see how they develop and I respect that my predecessor had some influence on them, it makes me very happy.

that the album is called Nic nen nemo nen hoda, eh?
Of course not. I want to show young people that you shouldn’t give up, even when they hear about you. You and my life serve as an example to them that even when you’ve been through something really hard, you can get somewhere. When will you want What are we going to do, I don’t really see it in young people today, keep it in mind. I recently read somewhere that roughly 50% of children suffer from depression, which is just bad.

So that’s it.
Don’t leave me alone, I will do enough with them, because as a child I also learned mine. She’s an alcoholic, beaten and similar. Such motivation is a bit like a messenger for me. I’m trying to put it into the text as well, on the first record it was you from the song Never give up. And I’m sure there will be a similar motivation in the future. Without it, I simply wouldn’t be j.

But there are also lighter things on the news, for example Otzky…
Self loan. As long as it’s pop and it should be about love, you can sing about a lot of other things too, like you did with Otzek. In addition, the authors of the text are also my fans, whom I asked, how stupid do you think they are? The video clip is about a family celebration, for which no one wants a song because they will ask questions about things that should not be asked, and we have that question.

How good do your motivated fronts look?
It’s not a joke in the true sense of the word, that I would push something into someone’s head. First about my life, I remember how my father used to make us hell at home because of drinking, how I ended up on the street, listening to hip hop and when I could get high, I managed to get out of it and became a happy and satisfied hunter. And I try to learn to respect myself, even if you have a bad time or have some problems, you don’t have to be down. But that’s understandably bad for them. I want to encourage them to take life into their own hands, take responsibility and do something for themselves. Not only with her legs, but also with her music.

In the light of the others, they can see that the boy from the street is about to become one of the inks at the Glastonbury festival.
Sure, that was the only thing I did, I remember it very often, but then again, I don’t use it from morning to night and I don’t need to brag about it. When I go spinning to those ledges, the moment when I honor that I have really motivated and encouraged someone to do something, for me it is not the whole of Glastonbury.

Does the Gipsy.cz band still work?
Yes, but it is currently in hibernation. I kind of don’t know what he’s been up to. I have a feeling that I have said everything important and if I kept it going, it would lose its authenticity and people would recognize it. The worst thing is when you think of yourself as someone you are not. This then easily turns into a total mess. the complete opposite is my current word creation. I know exactly what I want here, and I really enjoy it.

Your lyrics are primarily pop, but I know you listen to stuff like System Of A Down. Can you imagine yourself making really hard music sometime in the future?
On this current record, I wrote the songs that were rather hard, and that was hard rock. I like this music a lot and as I get older I realize that not every hard music is necessarily dark and aggressive, but there can also be a lot of positive energy. So I’ll answer yes to your question, until I imagine it and it should be very soon, with you on the fifth album.

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