Bublkov about Fiala, Nutella and the family, who are almost 200 years old: What did she say about them?


You don’t have longevity in your family, even so the family of Zuzana Bublkov (71) has a total of 200 years. They even trump Yvetta Simonová (95) and Josef Zma (91), who are neither partners nor husbands. The presenter revealed that even the dog was chased by the mother’s stomach. In the interview for Expres, we also discussed politics and the recent trip of Petr Fiala (ODS), who was buying buttermilk spread in Germany.

While my father is celebrating his 95th birthday, my mother is about to celebrate her 93rd birthday. The parents of Zuzana Bublkov are the old and not legendary Josef Zma and Yvetta Simonov, famous singers who are not partners after all.

The political glossator and comedian talked about her parents, who are 200 years old, in the chapter of David Budai’s book Things between people and apartments.

Even a dog driven away is my mother’s big hatchet, who will not stop raising me, for her I will give a small child, Bublkov smiled.

It’s no wonder that dad has been suffering from hearing loss for many years, the moderator laughs. Who in, can first is a recipe for contented husbandry and longevity.

Brush of the book Between people and apartments

Brush of the book Between people and apartments

We don’t have this in our families, revealed the political glossary, when she was supposed to take part in the family history, where the day of the century had not yet occurred. Longevity saw and with their family.

In a video interview for Expres, we also managed to discuss Petr Fiala (ODS) and his road movie around German shops. How did Bublkov comment on it? And what did she say to the prime minister? Even this time she was damn funny and also on point!

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