The Hunger Games and Trolls conquered cinemas. The Undertaker Thor Waititi disappointed


American cinemas do not have an ideal season. The distribution calendar was significantly loosened not only due to the postponement of Dune 2, the hype surrounding Hollywood blockbusters could not be sustained for a few weeks under the influence of both strikes, and when something as desperate as the Marvels comic book is supposed to hold onto the popcorn style, all participants in the film industry can fall into uncontrolled depression.

Two more resounding news stories tried to lift the mood. And in the end, the colorful Trolls with their third neon ride may be more satisfied.

The sung family recreation, moving rather in the lower part of the animated first league, managed to take on a way that should easily lead to a kilo from America. The 30 million dollar opener is so-called good for the business, and together with a nice start in the rest of the world (another 76 watermelons already!) indicates that it will attack more than a quarter of a billion from theaters again. And when all the toys, songs and the pre-Christmas merchandising hurricane are included, the totals will again be in a clear plus. Then there is no problem preparing four.

The creators of the new Hunger Games would also like to make such numbers – already directed towards the creation of a potential sixth part of the series. But it will be much more difficult for you. An attempt to revive a stale franchise, motivated by the fact that they don’t really have a similarly resonant brand in the downtrodden studio Lionsgate, did start from the first place in the US chart and enjoyed a start with 44 mega, but considering the excited fans of the original films, it can be expected that the revenues will go down quickly.

Out of the possible milestones, only a hundred will be crossed overseas, and a similar amount can be expected from the rest of the world. Of course, the reactions of the audience are more positive than expected, and the American critics also give a slight thumbs up (unlike, for example, MrHlad), but even so, it will be quite a difficult mathematical task to find out that it is worthwhile to continue this line in the Hunger Games. Roughly $130 million from the budget and considerable costs for marketing and distribution would require a much larger dollar injection. But… it’s not a fiasco, so we’ll see.

It’s quite bizarre that Disney’s Marvels can only envy such a result. After all, Marvel Studios poured $250 to $300 million into its new female team-up (that’s a WTF fact) after reshoots (another WTF) and now it just stares at how little anyone cares about its new blockbuster. At the same time, he could have asked… us, for example. Or anyone. And everyone would probably remember that Captain Marvel reached the billion mark mainly as a bridge between the great Infinity War and the famous Avengers: Endgame. So it is not advisable to overestimate.

But the leaders didn’t count on this, so they are looking at a catastrophic drop in sales as with the second Alice in Wonderland (there was the number one billion again thanks to the interest in 3D, raised by the phenomenal Avatar, while the number two went out). Even after Marvels poor start, it fell 78% to ten mega in its second weekend and 65 million running. There won’t be a pound of it in America, which is simply scandalous! The rest of the world is doing better, but even the global subtotal of 161 million is shameful and brutally wasteful in all respects.

It is unbelievable – and just after Endgame, no one in the world would have guessed it – that the new Marvel movie will be significantly trumped in cinemas not only by Taylor Swift’s concert record (already 244 million!), but even better by the horror-video game fan service Five Nights at Freddy’s. It “dropped” right away on the Internet, but it didn’t fundamentally affect sales, because the current global 272 million is simply amazing. The number two will somehow be baked within two years, that’s clear.

The ten mega Marvels this weekend on the split bronze were matched by a distinctly minority novelty – Eli Roth’s horror movie Thanksgiving. He took on a solid ten million and can look forward to a long weekend just in honor of Thanksgiving. A lot of viewers could go to the cinema ironically as part of a simultaneous holiday in the calendar, and thanks to solid responses and reviews, the cheap grindhouse massacre could still make some good money. There should be a total of some forty million worldwide, which is not an insignificant result for a modest bloodhound.

The ranking also included Elvis’s Priscilla with an ongoing seventeen million and Scorsese’s Killers of the Blooming Moon, which will soon start gearing up for the December (probably) streaming premiere with a current 165 million from around the world in its pocket.

Two smaller released films also earned a little over two and a half megabytes per weekend: The excellently rated indie The Holdovers from the creators of Bokovka is a holder, and thanks to a drop of only 18%, it has already moved to eight million from American theaters. I would consider Oscar nominations for her film and the original screenplay certain with an average rating of 8.4 out of 10 from critics and viewers.

And then there’s Taiki Waititi’s soccer thriller One Goal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite look like a classic like Coconuts on the Snow, because the long-delayed blockbuster has weak reviews, average audience response and poor sales after a sloppy campaign. Damage. But we are overjoyed that the “humorist” Waititi managed to lay down the direction of Thor 5 in the meantime!

Complete sales chart here.

In a week they will see more cinemas The Holdovers and another ambitious art book Saltburn will try to make its way. The main question is how much Ridley Scott’s Napoleon will be crushed by the Disney movie Wishes!

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