The final episode of the OKTOPUS series will surprise you: Heart attack in front of the camera!


Not only does the ruse trick him into questioning, but the Captain’s questions upset the Colonel’s Child and give him a heart attack. A member of the National Theater’s drama team played him so convincingly that even the director Jan Pachl (46) was wondering if it wasn’t for real!

2 years out

“I was literally in awe of the director Pachl,” praised Štěpnička their first collaboration. “The role was very empowering for me,” he confided to the newspaper Aha! actor. He didn’t stand in front of the camera for two years. He represented the primary school teacher in the series Sestřičky Modrý kód, but doctors advised him to give up the role immediately due to possible infection with covid. “It made it all the more enjoyable to play again,” he admitted.

Blue book

Štěpnička played a very convincing role of an old soldier, even though he himself had never been in the army. “Personally, I have nothing against the soldiers at all. But at the theater faculty, I tried different ways and took various steps, until a blue book came out, which I was really happy about,” revealed the actor.

Seros X: Octopus

Life itself wrote the terrifying script

In the latest episode of the OKTOPUS series called Jordán, the creators were inspired by the still unexplained murder of three tramps in Hřensk. On June 26, 1987, in the afternoon, Lenka V. (†22) and Pavel P. (†23) left Prague for an expedition to Czech Switzerland. Petr H. (†26) joined them. Only skeletons remained and the perpetrator was never caught. The last person who allegedly saw two young men and a girl on the afternoon of June 29, 1987, was a watchman at Pravčická brána. In September, a man reported the discovery of two human skulls in the Mezní louka locality by phone to the district department of the National Security Corps in Děčín. The remains bore marks that would clearly indicate a violent death. Petr’s legs were cut open around the ankles. They were attached to each other with Pavel. Lenka was lying covered by soil and branches in a hollow above them, about 60 meters away.

Action Grenade

At that time, the top-secret Grenade operation was supposed to take place in the Hřensk region. The smuggling route to the GDR, which led to the exact places where the bodies were found, was used to transfer agents during these events. It is possible that the unfortunate trio saw something they shouldn’t have, which would also correspond to the fact that Peter H’s camera disappeared. Despite this, or precisely because of this, the police dismissed the case, saying that it was not a criminal act. The tramps were supposed to have been killed by ball lightning… After 1990, the Office of Documentation and Investigation of Communism dealt with the case. He singled out three border guards, potential suspects. At that moment, the public prosecutor’s office intervened and handed the matter over to regional investigators in Ústí nad Labem. As a justification, it stated that it was not certain whether the case had a political background. In 2002, the case was shelved, saying that the perpetrator could not be identified and, at the same time, it was said that it could not be proven that a crime had taken place. Unlike the series, the murders went unpunished.

The creator of the crime film with Hanzlík, Jan Pachl: I got him for his vanity!

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