Prachar and Soukup do not see eye to eye –

Prachar and Soukup do not see eye to eye –
Prachar and Soukup do not see eye to eye –

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As it turned out, the fathers of influencer Agáty Hanychová’s two younger children, actor Jakub Prachař and businessman Jaromír Soukup, preach water while drinking wine. On her Instagram, the mother of three lamented that she is not allowed to show her daughters Mia and Rozárka on social networks, but both of her exes have also boasted about their children in the past.

They preach water…

Although Agáta Hanychová is an influencer a proud mother of three children, but she knows very well how their fathers can sometimes drink her blood. At the time when the former model lived with businessman Jaromír Soukup, she could show their daughter Rozárka on social networks, but after their breakup, Soukup said a clear NO and started threatening lawsuits if Agáta shared photos and videos in which the six-month-old girl could be seen.

Agáta’s ex-husband Jakub Prachař, with whom Agáta has a middle daughter Mia, took over the imaginary baton from Jaromír. “Daddy number two also went crazy and I’m not allowed to put Mia on Instagram. I’m not commenting. Here’s a man who works non-stop, instead of being with her, he’s a babysitter with her, but he puts these conditions on himself. He’s just a moron, I didn’t say that word. So now Mia can’t be there and film a trip with Kryšpín, who is twelve. Well, I don’t know,” lamented Hanychová on the social network.

They drink wine

The only thing Agáta can do is continue to be brave and patient and at least publicly dig at the fathers of her two little girls from time to time. She shared a collage of pictures where Soukup and Prachař got away with it a bit. “When people can’t see each other’s mouths,” the eldest daughter of the actress Veronika Žilková wrote shortly.

“First time in Slavia and last time in mine Instagram. Long live Slavia and Mia Prachařová. Gooooool!” wrote a well-known actor some time ago to a photo in which little Mia is sitting next to him and cheering with all her heart, and her face is definitely not covered by a smiley. Soukup was in a similar situation in his last post. “A weekend of caring. It’s a joy,” Jaromír commented on the picture, which shows a piece of Rozárča’s pram and purchases of Christmas booties.

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