HRZA: Which horror films are the best?

HRZA: Which horror films are the best?
HRZA: Which horror films are the best?

The answer to the question in the title of the link is essentially bad for everyone, but blind visions still play a role here. Even so, it won’t be very easy, horror is a term and a waste of time. The result of the selection will always be subjective. Encyclopedia of Horror Film, who recently died, states without bragging that he is the first Czech author. It has 424 pages (in vtm format) and pictures. Can anyone buy it on the website? You can’t always click on it. But buy. If not, Albatros probably wouldn’t have put this conglomerate of information on the market.

Even so, a similar encyclopedia, I understand, has the character of a relic. Jakhos. But the seventh author of this book is in it, and don’t focus only on the work of mechanics and routines (about movies). No. They put in such a solid story about horror sub-genres, and the whole thing is divided into eight sections. But the contemporary authors obviously understood that the sun had set behind the time when it was meaningful to categorize creative images based on simple archetypes. That is to say. As hybridization grows, the boundaries between sub-genres also expand and celebrate, and you also have films at the interface of five genres. Where is addit?

Volume uvd general dept Gothic horrorwhich is inaccurately labeled for all the classic masters of the sound era (with the monsters of the Universal studio), but for German expressionism (you film The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari). But the same chapter also talks in one breath about connections in modern times, alias the production of the British studio Hammer. About the new Herzog version Upra NosferatuBurton’s He fell asleepCoppola To Dracula.

It is clearer to me in the other two sections of the book Damn horror and Werewolf horror. The following is a story about different spirits, which is worth diversifying. And much: women of Eastwick are an adaptation of John Updik’s novel – and a bizarre series besides Hellraiser according to Clive Barker. Of these, only the first pieces are recommended. But six more long ones that appeared after the rush Inferno, there was nothing new. It’s a broken ace. And ovens Hellraiser resurrected again and again to scare vc reviewers not whores.

He left a section on horror movies with monsters (Godzilla, King Kong, ob tarantulas) and follows satanic horror, in his composition tkv trio zadailch film Rosemary has a child, The Exorcist and Fuck Satan! The so-called folkloric horror (the darkness of the far room) blossomed at the end of the edestek, when they arose Craft hunters (1968), and next to King’s Dt kukuice here it is installed A hammer for the arodjnice (1960) and recent art works Mike (2019).

In a specific department Revenge of the sale it is – of course – a movie with monsters, but I don’t care elites and Birds. And also, opt Kingv, dog Cujo.

In the section on biological horror, it is about events of mutations and physical destruction. The pioneer here is, as you know, the Canadian David Cronenberg.

What does it mean (title of the long section) Found Footage? Pstup, she just popularized it The Blair Witch Riddle (1999). It cost you a hundred thousand, it made a quarter of a billion.

Vgn defined category Psychological horror then includes films from America’s psyche (2000) dog Carrie (the first version is from 1976) to the repulsiveness of Lars von Trier Jack status dm (2018). At the very top of the psycho-film pyramid there was a great (of any other type) Enlightened (1980) and Grinder (1991); horror movies are included here Spal’s corpse i (tame) Vl shed.

On fixed pd stand autoi p delimited type Zombie horror and it is interesting that the legendary provocation of George Romero Night of the Living Dead (1968) did not use the word zombie: it is ghly.

Dal oidnue category are Splattery and torture movies I also noticed a significant difference between unique deadly evil 2 (1987) Sam Raimi and the Dumb and Dumber Hostel (2005) by Eli Roth. Among the adaptation of Lovecraft’s story Re-Animator (1985) and By Peter Thomas (1980). We repeat here during the discussion that fear does not equal loathing.

When the song leads the line between this department and slashers, don’t know According to our creators, they are slashers Psycho (1960) i Candyman (1992) but also Track (1986), Halloween (geniusly filmed by John Carpenter in 1978, when both Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee turned down the main role). And srie like Child’s Play, Irreversible Fate, Tinctho Bird and Non mra in Elm Street.

The last time I changed the name, I was surprised by the fact that it stands on the personality of the actor Robert Englund. So far, there has been only one remake of the first work, where he did not play this one, and he invented the film. However repulsive the mythology may be, the very idea of ​​the danger of death piercing the dream took a surprising turn.

On the other hand, the killer from the lake Bird tinctho (Jason Voorhees) anyone who wears a hockey goalie mask beats me (only from now on). And anyone who brags that he got the role of a murderer from a vampire would also become a comedian Halloween. Here, Michael Myers was originally supposed to wear a clown mask, but it didn’t work, and I spent two dollars from the opening and bought a Captain Kirk mask from Star Trek. Bleached, born onice and fajrum!: the whole show requires zero emotion. That’s enough.

Not even a serie gets lost among slashers Wake up and the typical killer’s mask than anyone else. The mask itself is not so much a reference to the famous Munch painting squeal like using a pretty good mask from the company Fun World, which (1991-1992) was sold before Halloween.

Filmai even bought a license for it.

In the special category there are five films about the flow to a private house and the subsequent revenge, which are, admittedly, good thrillers, not horrors. Deposit? Stray Dogs (1971) directed by Sam Peckinpah with Dustin Hoffman as the Avenger.

The most particularly stupid ones were then sent to the department Exploitationwhere there is also a pack for cannibals, and strangely enough, here again we are talking about avengers and avengers: in I spit on your grave (1978) and in Last dm on the left (1972). I spit on your grave The film is stupidly true to the very edge of tolerability, and the repetitiveness of the film is especially dull and artificial.

By the example of Last house on the left (directed by Wes Craven) was a classic Virgin spring (1960), but the brutality of the lack of variation moves the mind.

It is a chapter unto itself The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The first one (1974) by Tobe Hooper surprisingly avoided explicit brutality and works like a parable. The tusk here is the sound. Without him, the lead (especially Tarantino puts them on a pedestal) would have gone out.

And then in the encyclopedia there are oddballs about comedy and science fiction. Horror comedies are series about tragic families (Addams, Munster), but also series Gremlins and Ghostbuster. The whole page is in the novelty and cult classic department The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975).

And science fiction? The palette should be varied. Critters, Invasion of wolves tl, J, legend Carpenter’s is also a quality sci-fi horror Town of the damned (1960) based on the novel by John Wyndham, And certainly still entertains us today Pretor (1987) with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the encyclopedia puts it at the top Vc (1982) a Cauliflower (1979).

even a lot of horror films, and when, are specific. For example Erben, this national classic, stand behind Bouquet (2000) i Midday (2016). We know i Chocking Hazard (2004), animation arodjv ue (1977). Heart. But his Morgiana (1972) with the great Iva Janurová was declared sadomasochistic after filming, and Juraj Herz was banned from shooting for two years.

Encyclopedia of Horror Film in many the peak at the end. Yesterday, there were interesting pages about film tricks, about horror movies, the most famous weapons (including Pinhead’s etsy and Car killer), about the Hays Code (1930) and its circulation, about women’s horror movies and about the permissiveness of PG-13, which was pushed by Steven Spielberg. Well, there are 36 horror TV series in the beast. Among other things Lovecraft Land, Castle Rock, Stranger Things, Hannibal, Batesv Motel, The X-Files and The town of Twin Peaks. Stephen King, Roger Corman (he was 97 years old in April), Bla Lugosi, Boris Karloff (he and Bla met eight times on screen), Christopher Lee (he played Dracula seven times) or the graceful Peter Cushing also found separate chapters here Hammer made 22 films and played Abraham Van Helsing (four times Dr. Frankenstein) in total.

Coda: how did the creators of the encyclopedia choose the scariest horror movies of all time? Psycho, Vymta bla, Pichz satan!, Halloween, Vetelec, Enlightened, Vc, Non mra v Elm Street and Ring. They didn’t really spoil anything, but the views can be different here, and that’s fine.

Encyclopedia of Horror Film.
Authors: Petr Cifka, Jan Gl, Ji Pospil, Milan Rozafn, Vclav Ryb. Mojmr Sedlek, Matj Svoboda.

IN Albatros Media published by XYZ PUBLISHER. Prague. 2023. 424 pages.

The article is in Czech

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