Hanka helped me a lot with her, said Margita about the newly released clip

Hanka helped me a lot with her, said Margita about the newly released clip
Hanka helped me a lot with her, said Margita about the newly released clip

The guests of Monday Breakfast on TV Nova were singers Štefan Margita and Marta Kovaříková. The topic of the interview was their new joint song Intimity and also what they are planning for the future.

“It came about when Štefan approached me if we would record a duet together, which of course could not be refused at all, because he had already sung this song once, and even received a Golden Record for it, and it was extremely successful. So then he thought that it would be it’s nice to have a music video for it, and we shot, I think, a beautiful duet,” described Kovaříková.

“That’s right, if you look at Martička, it was clear that she had to be in the clip. Then we called Dan Hádl, where we actually finished filming the duet, and I have to admit that Marta just sang it in 15 minutes, which is amazing. Martička and I were choosing which song we would record as a duet, this one was the most suitable. Then we approached the director, who, I think, made a beautiful clip,” he did not spare Margit’s compliments.

​The clip was shot by director Ondřej Urbanec. As Margita mentioned, it was Urbanec who worked on Hana Zagorová’s last music video. Kovaříková also described an interesting thing from the filming. “We had such an adrenaline rush the day before filming, we had selected a jaguar, an old vintage car, a car from the 1930s, a beautiful one. And in the evening he drove to the location to the studio, and when he was driving there, it was broken into on the way. So we were actually left without cars, and in one night, Ondra Urbanac managed to get a completely new, different Jaguar from 1969, which was also beautiful,” she said.

Singing a song was not easy for Margita. He is said to have been helped a lot by his late wife: “You can’t sing a chanson like an opera aria. And when I was recording this album, Hanka, who was very close to the chanson, helped me a lot. When she listened to me learning at home, she she warned me ‘This way’ and ‘Take off and don’t sing at full voice’.”

And what is the song Intimacy about? “It’s actually such a drama, the breakup of two lovers who loved each other immensely, but it starts to creak and everything ends up going badly,” explained Kovaříková.

​The singers also talked about what they are planning for next year. “It’s going to be a big year. I’m going to America twice, I’m planning a lot of concerts, I’m planning concerts just for this album of folk songs. So a lot, a lot of beautiful things, and I’m also preparing, you’ll be surprised, it’s three years from now, but I’m already preparing a huge, huge concert. I can’t imagine where it will be, but it will be in a beautiful place, because I’m 67, so in my seventies,” said Margita.

Štefan Margita also revealed to Kovaříková that he will probably go to the USA. “I received a beautiful job offer in America, in New York, but I’m still considering it, the decision is not final yet. It would be for a longer period of time. Since I have a little girl at home, a wonderful husband, it’s a big step after all,” explained Kovaříková.

Watch the music video for Intimacy:

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