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  • Funny and not so flattering videos of The Walking Dead: Destinies are making the rounds on the internet
  • Fans of the popular post-apocalyptic series are calling attention to the strange videos and poor gameplay

This year is marked by an unprecedented number of high-quality computer and console games, which in a few weeks will be fighting for the prestigious victory at the traditional awarding of The Game Awards. In the flurry of successful efforts led by Baldur’s Gate 3 or the sequel to Zelda, titles that we would rather place on the opposite side of the spectrum may stand out all the more this time. The title The Walking Dead: Destinies may also appear on the list of not-so-successful projects in the final reckoning, on whose account players across the Internet are currently having fun.

Little music for a lot of money?

Although the release of the game was not preceded by a massive marketing campaign and the development budget was probably not among the highest, it is still a title equipped with a well-known comic book and series license, which in itself aroused the curiosity of many players. In addition, the game is sold at a relatively high price of 50 dollars (in domestic e-shops you can pre-order the console version for 1199 crowns regardless of the platform).

The harshest criticism falls especially on the strange static cutscenes, which depict the main characters often with stiff and generally unnatural grimaces, which you can see for yourself in the preview image or in the post attached below on the X social network. The gameplay also gives a lackluster impression, whether it’s the clunky animations or the unconvincing combat system.

Gollum and King Kong are also among the worst

At the same time, The Walking Dead: Destinies comes with an interesting premise that makes it possible to rewrite essential story moments from the series adaptation. For example, players may choose to save one of the main characters who died in the original series, which should lead to unexpected plot twists later in the game.

The interesting thing is that the publishing company GameMill Entertainment is behind the development, which has already caused an uproar once this year following another failed title Rise of Kong, this time – as the name suggests – equipped with a King Kong license. The action game The Lord of The Rings Gollum was similarly infamous, and its failure even heralded the end of the Daedalic Entertainment development team.

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