Animated Trolls are taking cinemas by storm. Neither the Hunger Games nor Her Body was lost


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Czech cinemas experienced one of the most interesting weekends, not only thanks to the free Friday. Three novelties fought for the first place and in the end they lined up nicely in the medal positions.

The first place was finally taken by the third Trolls. 58 thousand is a great start for an anime that obviously has its audience here. Seven years ago, almost 200,000 viewers were curious about the number one, and who knows how the number two would have turned out if covid had not killed it three years ago in the summer. In any case, the patience of children and adult viewers has paid off, the top three falls behind the best result of the series and if it keeps its usual five times the number of openers, it could be 300 thousand viewers in total and therefore participation in this year’s TOP 10. There it is starting to be loaded with anime, next to the superb Super Mario (380,000), the indomitable Pixar movie Between the Elements (304,000) and the surprisingly solid Spider-Man (223,000), we also have Paw Patrol in the film, which slowed down slightly with the advent of Trolls, but still climbed over 320,000 and it definitely doesn’t end. This year’s ranking will very likely be half animated in the top ten, which is also reflected in the current weekend top with seven representatives of the genre for the little ones. He still performs best from the second league magical ladybug (already 58,000 viewers), Czech representatives Tondo and Slávek are growing very slowly, and the rest of the peloton with B-level representatives such as Esa z pralesa 2 or Strašidlo Cantervillská is growing. And people still go to Between the Elements, while Disney is releasing its new movie Wish in cinemas in a week.

The second place in the ranking is taken by the new Hunger Games. Although the prequel of the legendary series is not as well talked about as the original four of the film, nevertheless, even after eight years, the fans showed solid endurance and arrived in large numbers of 44 thousand. It is not eligible for the starts of the final two-part Síla vdóður, but maybe it will beat the once-ignored number one in our country, and if there is no collapse next weekend, it can have a fight with the number two, which exactly ten years ago had a very similar start. Speaking of collapse, the new Marvel movie Marvels did not have such a record-breaking drop here as in the USA, but that was only due to the fact that its start in the Czech Republic was itself very weak. On the second weekend, “only” half as many people arrived, roughly 16,000. Out of the 33 MCU films so far, Marvels has thus moved to 31st place, and so far it does not look better than 28th place, where the first Thor currently resides (88 thousand). 100 thousand viewers will definitely not fall at this rate. In any case, Marvels fell to the 6th place at the weekend, in addition to the trio of new releases, the teenage hit Five Nights at Freddy’s dared to take it, which after three weekends already has 136 thousand viewers. No one will take the title of the best horror film of the year from him.

The Czech novelty Jejti telo won the bronze place at the weekend. The sticker “accessibility 18+” didn’t hurt the commercial interest that much, on the contrary, 24 thousand viewers is a decent tap (ahem) for other sensational viewers. 100 thousand in total should not be a problem here. If only because, despite the vastly different subject matter, this Czech novelty was able to attract viewers of the Czech romantic comedy How to Survive Your Husband. It started with 38,000 a week ago, but fell by 37% the second weekend, which is surprisingly high for a Czech film. The goal of 100,000 viewers is not threatened, but apparently it is not such an unexpected hit as it seemed in the first days. Her body drained the audience and other more demanding spectacles, such as the Machinist dramatization Brothers, which, despite the November anniversary or the new accompanying documentary Escape to Berlin, did not use matchball for 100,000 viewers and added only 8,000. After overcoming the same milestone, Bod obnovy is slowly disappearing from the TOP 20, leaving the only critically well-rated Czech representative is Príšla v noci, which rose slightly between weekends and is fighting for at least 20 thousand viewers in total. The previews also feature a special experiment, The Secret and the Meaning of Life, so far we have 3,000 Orthodox viewers, we’ll see if it spills over into the next weekend.

Complete sales chart here.

In it, director Petr Vachler will face off against director Ridley Scott, whose new film Napoleon is coming to Czech cinemas this coming weekend. In addition to it, we can also look forward to the horror delicacy Thanksgiving Day or the Japanese animated film The Boy and the Heron. Apart from Napoleon, however, none of them seems to have a chance to threaten the current top three.

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