Taylor Swift broke down in tears on stage. Two people have already died during her tour

Taylor Swift broke down in tears on stage. Two people have already died during her tour
Taylor Swift broke down in tears on stage. Two people have already died during her tour

Singer Taylor Swift broke down in tears during her Sunday concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was the singer’s first performance since a 23-year-old fan died during her concert in the same city on Friday. The reason for the girl’s death was apparently the tragic conditions that prevailed at the American star’s concert. In addition, another fan tragically died on Sunday.

Pop star Taylor Swift is having a hard time in Brazil, who had a hard time keeping her emotions in check at the concert on Sunday night. Her previous concert in Rio de Janeiro on Friday literally turned into hell for around 60,000 of her fans, and only 23-year-old Ane Clara Benevides even collapsed right at the concert and subsequently died. Another big fan of the American singer, 25-year-old Gabriel Mongenot Santana by Milhomdied during a robbery on his way to a concert on Sunday.

The death of 23-year-old Anna is apparently due to the record-breaking heat wave that hit Brazil and the tragic work of the concert organizers. According to the cousin, who visited Friday’s concert with the girl, Ana first felt sick from the heat. She subsequently suffered a cardiac arrest and died after being taken to hospital, Brazilian media reports.

59 degrees and no water

During the concert, the temperature in the hall was said to be up to 59 degrees Celsius. When the organizers turned on the pyrotechnics, the temperature rose even higher. In addition, people in the hall lacked water, which was eventually provided to some people directly by the singer’s team, and even Taylor personally threw a bottle into the crowd to a desperate fan. At the same time, the singer herself struggled with the heat, and fatigue and exhaustion were evident during the three-hour concert.

The singer finally canceled the Saturday concert just an hour before it started out of concern for the health of her fans. She returned to the stage only on Sunday evening and it was very difficult for her, the Daily Mail website reports. She thanked her fans for how they handled the bad weather. On the contrary, it rained during Sunday’s concert, which, of course, bothered people much less than Friday’s heat.

A song for Ana

During Sunday’s concert, she also paid her respects to her late fan, Ana, and sang the emotional track Bigger Than the Whole Sky, special for her. Among other things, the song’s lyrics sing: “Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. You were bigger than the whole sky. You were more than a short time… And I’ll never know what you could have been, would have been, what should have been…” .

The singer played the song on the piano and during the singing it was heard that she was struggling with emotions. She subsequently left the piano with tears in her eyes and blew a kiss to the audience.

However, she did not comment more on the death of her fan at the concert itself, she previously stated on Instagram that she would not be able to handle it. “I can’t even begin to describe how devastated I am. I have very little information other than that she was incredibly beautiful and too young. I won’t be able to talk about it from the stage because just trying to think about it will overwhelm me with grief,” she explained singer.

Another dead and many robbed

Unfortunately, Ane was not the only fan who died tragically. Gabriel, 25, was stabbed on Copacabana beach just hours before a concert he was heading to. The arm of the deceased was still wearing the bracelet that Taylor fans use to identify themselves, The Sun reported. Police have already arrested three suspects. A number of other assaults were also reported in the vicinity of the stadium, but luckily there were no casualties. Some fans wrote on social networks about how they had to hide from robbers in nearby restaurants.

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