Mainly the Rulers of the Heavens, the new Brotherhood of the Undaunted –



At the end of World War II, a lone prospector finds a rich gold vein. As he makes his way to the nearest town with his newfound loot, he encounters a retreating squad of Nazi soldiers. This sets off a massacre that is unparalleled. Get ready for a brutal Finnish onslaught.

Evaluation 68%

  • Action Movies (2023)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • HBO


The 25-year-old Reality Winner is a translator who teaches yoga, shops at the local supermarket while sipping an iced latte, and regularly posts about life on Instagram. One day, however, her boring life is interrupted by FBI agents with a search warrant, and the girl is immediately suspected of leaking a top-secret NSA report. One of the most acclaimed crime dramas of 2023 is now available on HBO Max.

Evaluation 64%

  • Drama (2023)
  • CZ subtitles
  • CZ dubbing • HBO

Rulers of Heaven

The story of the airmen of the 100th Bombardment Group, who were sent against Hitler during the Second World War to help ground troops advance in various parts of Europe. Dangerous and often suicidal missions have challenged a brotherhood full of courage and heroism. Producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks are once again behind the spiritual continuation of Brotherhood of the Undaunted and The Pacific.

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Evaluation 74%

  • Original title: Masters of the Air
  • War Series (2024)
  • 9 episodes (new from 1/26/2024)
  • CZ subtitles
  • Apple TV+

Recovery point

In the Europe of 2041, all people have the constitutional right to live “One Whole Life”. If you have an accident, you are revived and can move on with your life. But does humanity even deserve the right to a second chance? Robert Hloz’s solid sci-fi crime film is now available on Netflix.

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Evaluation 77%

  • Original title: Restore Point
  • Science Fiction Movies (2023)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • Netflix


Griselda Blanco was one of Colombia’s most feared women Mexico. She managed to create a huge drug cartel that supplied the entire South of the USA in the 1980s. Sofia Vergara shines unrecognizably masked in the lead role.

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Evaluation 70%

  • Crime series (2024)
  • 6 episodes (new from 1/25/2024)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • Netflix

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