The happy story of an actress, an actor who cooked himself, and minimalism in the practice of a family of five

The happy story of an actress, an actor who cooked himself, and minimalism in the practice of a family of five
The happy story of an actress, an actor who cooked himself, and minimalism in the practice of a family of five

The next episode of the Jan Krause Show will feature actress Petra Hřebíčková, actor Filip Březina and Matěj Šámal, Jolana Hršelová and their three children Samuel, Benjamin and Jonathan.

The first guest of today’s Jan Krause Show will be the popular Czech actress and mother of three children Petra Hřebíčková. She brags right at the beginning that it seems that all her children – two sons aged 8 and 6 and a two-year-old daughter – have succeeded. “But we’re beginning to sense where it might be breaking,” she adds with a smile, adding that she’s a nice little girl now, but that luckily she and her husband complement each other. “I’m simple and playful, and dad is an intellectual,” she says of her husband, actor, writer and screenwriter Matěj Dadák.

He leads a hectic life both in real life and in the film. We can currently see her in the main role of a comedy film Mother in trouble. “I took the role right away, because I wondered who else. I’ll know what it’s about,” she confides and admits that she herself sometimes thinks about what it would be like if she got into a trap. “If I’d just slammed the door and disappeared.” Just like her character Sylvie. She was up to her neck in all this and just one day she didn’t come home.

He also thinks that in earlier times, even though people didn’t have so many technical conveniences at their disposal that make our work easier, they managed to take care of children better. “I think to myself that maybe the pressure on those parents wasn’t like that before. There is pressure on us everywhere. So that we can be so perfect.” But as it turns out, in the end it works best when the parents are a little lazy.

In a stormy discussion with the moderator about the position of men and women in today’s world, however, he defends his film character. “It’s not about getting attention. It’s just that you can’t anymore. Because all the trouble is on that mom,” he tries to convince his host that men should not leave all the responsibility and burden of taking care of the family on women. But otherwise she has nothing against men at all.

At the end, she also joyfully confides that she should return to the stage this year after ten years. According to her own words, she already misses them.

Her acting colleague will sit next to Petra as today’s second guest on the Jan Krause Show Filip Blazek. We can see this again in the main role of the new series about a young doctor whose life is changed by an unexpected diagnosis. Despite the serious subject matter, the series is conceived as a comedy.

Filip had to shed his mustache for this role. “I’m thrilled with the response the series has had, I didn’t expect that,” confides the young actor. “I’m playing a character there who is going through cancer and he’s a kid who’s in his last year of medicine. He wants to be a neurosurgeon and everything works out for him. He’s bagging girls, playing rugby, he’s on the verge of a great career, and then all of a sudden it breaks. And a medical student suddenly becomes a patient.”

Filip is obviously lucky to get interesting roles as an actor, because despite his youth, he already has several to his credit. For example, the figure of Adenoid Hynkel. “It’s a double role of a dictator and a Jewish barber, and it’s supposed to be a parody of Adolf Hitler,” he explains about one of his roles.

She plays this role for two and a half hours straight, and once she exhausted him so much that he even collapsed. “It’s more physically demanding that way. And it happened to me at the pre-premiere in June, when it was terribly hot. I’m wearing three layers of costumes for the role so I can change as quickly as possible, and I kind of overextended myself to the point where I was burned from the inside out. I just boiled myself like in a sauna. Something like spontaneous combustion,” he recalls today with a laugh.

As an active athlete, his health serves him well in other ways. “At the moment, I’m running,” he says, adding that he likes mountains and that since the age of fifteen he has regularly participated in the Beskydy Seven, a hundred-kilometer race over seven Beskydy peaks. “It’s exactly one hundred and two kilometers and the limit is 30 hours. I have it in 17 hours and 21 minutes and my father beat me, he has it in 16 hours and 58 minutes.”

What feelings does he experience during such a demanding run? “At the forty-fifth kilometer I want to shoot myself in the head and I don’t know why I’m doing it. But then it passes you by again and it’s a pleasure,” he says dreamily, adding that around three thousand runners take part in the race. What he cannot escape from, however, are the moderator’s curious questions about his private life.

And who will be the last guest on the Jan Krause Show? A big family in a small space. This does not apply to our other guests, Matej Šamalov, Jolana Hršelová and their three children – Samuel, Benjamin and Jonathan – only here in the theater where everyone can’t even fit on the red sofa for the guests.

They are preparing to move from a rented apartment to their own apartment, which is 37 and a half square meters, which they conceived as an adventure that they regularly report on on social networks, and a minimalist concept where they want to get rid of everything unnecessary. “We’re moving in March and we’re moving from an apartment that’s about 85 square meters,” Ms. Jolana explains.

They informed their children in advance of their intention and they all went to see their new residence together. “We love it,” middle Benjamin assures the audience. “And we like the garden the most.” Jolana’s mother then emphasizes that they stopped perceiving space in square meters, but now they only count in cubic meters. After all, it is about two rooms.

“We thought it would be ideal if each of us packed two boxes and a backpack,” describes Matěj, while the presenter shows the audience photos of what the boys have prepared from their personal belongings for the move. Choosing only a limited number of things was not a problem for them.

How will they solve the equipment with furniture? Do they feel bold? And what form of blackmailing other family members does Jan Kraus advise them? We will learn that and much more in the next premiere episode of the popular Jan Krause Show on Prima!

You can see the premiere of the next episode of the Jan Kraus Show on Wednesday, January 31 at 9:40 p.m. on Prima.

Source: FTV Prima, Jan Kraus Show

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