Where at the weekend? For pig feasts, leftovers, carnivals, balls or retro fun


Weekend Diary Tips are here! Every week, we prepare a rich batch of options for you in the editorial office, how to spend the whole weekend interestingly. Choose from our offer of events across the entire Olomouc region.


The rest is up to Hana
WHEN: Saturday, February 3, 10 a.m.-4 p.m
WHERE: The Hanáck Museum in Příkagy
FOR HOW MUCH: adults 140 CZK, children (6-15 years) 70 CZK
WHY COME: A swarm of masks, music and goodies in the Hanáck Museum in nature. At around noon, a relic tour will leave the museum towards the town hall, where the transfer of the relic right is about to take place. The program will offer a workshop for children, butcher specialties will also be for sale, God’s grace will be fried, and the conclusion will be a traditional ceremony, which is the burial of the bass. Nákelanka will play to put the attendees in a good mood. Masks have free entrance to the area.

Remnant in Commandments, February 19, 2022Source: Petr Pelíšek

Pork feast
WHEN: Saturday, February 3, from 3 p.m
WHERE: playground in Mladč
FOR HOW MUCH: free entry
WHY COME: Pig feasts and homemade butcher in the fresh air. We will serve meat, braised beef, groats, intestines, veal, smoked neck, pork belly, pastries with bread and killer soup (a portion for 10 CZK).

Faculty ball
WHEN: Friday, February 2, from 7:30 p.m
WHERE: Pavilion A, Exhibition Center Flora Olomouc
FOR HOW MUCH: CZK 800 (pre-booking required)
WHY COME: The representative ball of the Olomouc University Hospital, the evening will be accompanied by actor and presenter Jan Čenský and music by the band The People. Attractive accompanying program, refreshments included in the price of admission.

Jan ČenskySource: Zdeněk Hejduk


Ribbon ball
WHEN: Friday, February 2, from 7:30 p.m
WHERE: Community house, Prostějov
FOR HOW MUCH: 300 crowns
WHY COME: The biggest event in the form of a graduation ball for the students of the Prostějov Medical School is here. Graduation ribbons will be awarded to students of 4th A and 4th B classes. The band Novios will play for dancing and listening. An interesting program and a rich raffle.

The Prostějovská Secondary Medical School honored sixty of this year's graduates.The Prostějovská Secondary Medical School celebrated sixty graduates of 2023.Source: Dieník/Zdeněk Vyslužil

A large overview of proms in Prostějovsk

Ball season in Prostějovsk is in full swing. See where to go to the ball in the region

Fragments of history
WHEN: Friday, February 2, from 5 p.m
WHERE: Community center, Konica
FOR HOW MUCH: for free
WHY COME: Public screening of period photos and talks about past times in the Konica Community Center. Come and have a chat and learn something about the history of the town in the northwest of Prostějovsk.

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Pork feast
WHEN: Saturday, February 3, from 10 a.m
WHERE: Comenius Square, Němčice nad Hanou
FOR HOW MUCH: for free
WHY COME: Smoking cauldrons, bread pans like the world has never seen, and music to go with it. The popular February folk festival in the form of the Pig Feast will dominate the center of Němčice nad Hanou. The menu will include traditional slaughterhouse delicacies – butt, lard, or stew. The band Markovanka will play for good taste.

Pork feastPork feastSource: Zdeněk Vyslužil

Children’s carnival
WHEN: Saturday, February 3, from 2 p.m
WHERE: Culture House, Smržice
FOR HOW MUCH: 50 crowns for adults, 25 crowns for children
WHY COME: The popular school carnival in Smržice attracts Bambino parties, clowns, workshops and lots of competitions. Children’s entertainer Pája Chabičovský and Gabriela Pokorná will accompany. There will be a traditionally rich raffle and rich refreshments. Organizers from ZŠ and Kindergarten Smržice are inviting.

Children's carnival in Smržice, February 20, 2023.Children’s carnival in Smržice, February 20, 2023.Source: Pavla Slezáčková

Children’s carnival
WHEN: Sunday, February 4, from 3 p.m
WHERE: falconry, Určice
FOR HOW MUCH: for free
WHY COME: A traditional children’s carnival cheers up the Urča sokolovna on Sunday. You can look forward to a cheerful Animák show, lots of competitions, music and dancing. Rich refreshments and a raffle are a matter of course.


Driving a bear
WHEN: Saturday, February 3 from 8:45 a.m
WHERE: meeting in front of the Settlement Committee, Drahotush
WHY COME: This year, the traditional Running of the Bear takes place in Drahotushy on the first Saturday of February. The meeting of the masks in front of the building of the Settlement Committee in Drahotušy is from 8.45 am. At 9 o’clock there will be the handing over of the Mardi Gras law and then the start of the mask parade. The band Hraničáci will accompany.

Driving a bear
WHEN: Saturday, February 3 from 8:30 a.m
WHERE: meeting at the fire station, Skalička
WHY COME: The Mardi Gras parade and the watering of the bear is being planned for this Saturday in Skalička. All masks are cordially invited, the meeting is at the fire station at 9:30 in the morning.

Guided bear in Skalička 2020.Guided bear in Skalička 2020.Source: Diary / Liba Mátlová

Retro dance fun
WHEN: Saturday, February 3 from 8 p.m
WHERE: Castle Club, Hranice
FOR HOW MUCH: 100 crowns
WHY COME: You can go to the Zámecký club on Saturdays for retro dance fun. Take a trip to the past, when the rhythm of the 80s and 90s ruled the floors and the style was unique. Dress up in retro clothes and create a great atmosphere full of nostalgia. DJ Milan will be behind the mixing desk.

A large overview of balls in Hranick

Ball season in Hranick is in full swing. See where you can go

Social ball
WHEN: Saturday, February 3 from 8 p.m
WHERE: Sokolovna, Dřevohostice
FOR HOW MUCH: 150 crowns
WHY COME: The social ball will take place in the falconry in Dřevohostice on Saturday the 3rd. February from 8 p.m. Moravská Veselka and DJ Josef Capík will play for dancing and listening. Dance club Šimon Všechovice will perform. You can look forward to a rich raffle and refreshments.

The prom season is in full swing and the dancers really turned it up in Dřevohostice - at the XXIV. representative ball of the town.XXIV. representative ball of the town, 2015.Source: DENÍK/Petra Poláková Uvírová

Gardening ball
WHEN: Saturday, February 3 from 8 p.m
WHERE: Culture House, Horní Moštěnice
FOR HOW MUCH: 100 crowns
WHY COME: You can go to the Garden Ball on Saturday, February 3 from 8 p.m. to the cultural center in Horní Moštěnice. The band Groove Harmony will play for dancing and listening, the program includes a dance performance, refreshments are provided.


Lenka Dusilová
WHEN: Saturday, February 3 from 7 p.m
WHERE: Retro cinema, Zábřeh
FOR HOW MUCH: 290 CZK in advance, 390 CZK on the day of the event
WHY COME: A concert by an exceptional personality of the Czech music scene will be offered by the Retro cinema in Zábrež on Saturday, February 3. Nine-time winner of the Anděl music awards Lenka Dusilová will perform here at a solo concert. She was one of the real stars of the Czech pop-rock mainstream at the turn of the millennium. But in the years of personal maturation, she decided to leave the middle stream of musical entertainment for a more layered style. “She has become an extraordinary phenomenon of our music scene, where she goes from being a rock and pop star to a personal expression. In recent years, Lenka could be seen on stages solo and experimenting – with guitars, a looper, a sampler, a synthesizer and the voice as an instrument,” describes the artistic development of the singer, who, thanks to her unmistakable vocals, is a guest on a number of records and concerts of leading musicians, the production Zábřežské cultural Vratislav Jarmar.

Lenka Dusilová will be a guest of the big band Cotatcha Orchestra in Třinec.Lenka Dusilová Source: Diary/Jan Spěšný

XI. Petrovsky ball
WHEN: Friday, February 2 from 7 p.m
WHERE: Rapotín House of Culture
WHY COME: The village of Petrov nad Desnou invites you to XI this Friday. Petrovsky ball. The band Fantasy will play for the dance and there will be a full bar and plenty of refreshments. You can also look forward to a generous raffle, a photo booth, a barman’s show and a Folí de la Fúl dance performance.

Dots everywhere you look in the orangery in Bludov
WHEN: Saturday, February 3 from 5 p.m
WHERE: Premises of the Bludov Castle orangery – cafe
FOR HOW MUCH: voluntary entrance fee
WHY COME: Vernissage of Lenka Linhartová’s exhibition from Dubick entitled Dots where you look. This is the first exhibition of this author’s art works. Lenka Linhartová wanted to photograph and paint since childhood. However, the time came only after a serious illness, when she realized her need and desire to realize herself and start taking care of her talent as an artist and photographer. He has had several photo exhibitions. This time she will present the Dot Painting technique – dotting in which she has reached perfection. Her work adorns, for example, the town hall in Mohelnice or private collections. Her large-format dotted mandalas on wood will amaze you with their symmetrical perfection and you will certainly feel the relaxing effects. Come see for yourself!

Where to go on the weekend in the Zlín region?

Lešetín carnival 2023.

Where at the weekend? For the Lešetín carnival, carnival, slaughterhouse and motorcycle ball

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