Calista Flockhart: Anorexia rumors ruined my shoot

Calista Flockhart: Anorexia rumors ruined my shoot
Calista Flockhart: Anorexia rumors ruined my shoot

I think I was easy cl. It was painful, complicated. I started working on Ally McBeal and this one blew me away, said Flockhartov in an interview with The New York Times.

I didn’t sleep because of it, I was depressed. I thought it would ruin my career. no one would ever give him a job because they simply assumed he had anorexia and that would be the end of it, she explained.

There were days when I felt hurt, ashamed and confused. I still had to work, the actress added, adding that she finally decided to ignore the rumors and stay positive.

Harrison Ford’s life partner is certain, even in the present day it would not happen. No more body shaming today. I didn’t think about it for a long time, but there is no one to reveal it, it’s a disease, a dream, many people are fighting. I look at the photos from the past and in them I am the same as you and no one says a word to you, added the actress, adding that she always had a healthy weight for her height of 165 centimeters.

My mother is 150 centimeters tall and when she got married she was 42 kilograms. Let’s talk about a little tiny little girl. Mm simply had bones, added Flockhartov.

In 1998, when she played Ally McBeal, she had to answer the question of anorexia nervosa in an interview for People magazine. I don’t think I know the exact definition of anorexia. But j jm. I am normal. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I don’t have a bad relationship with food. Am I anorexic? I think the answer has to be no, she said then.

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