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The main character Sylvie, played by Petra Hřebíčková, seems to have everything. Husband, kids, good job. Everyone relies on her. And she gets the feeling that she can’t give it anymore and she wants to run away from everything. He just has nowhere to go. Fortunately, life has big surprises in store for Sylvia as well.

Mother in troubleVideo: Falcon

“The film is very much about female friendship. And of course about relationships. Sylvie has been living in a certain stereotype for some time, riding a flywheel, so to speak, and at the beginning of the story, her flywheel stops. At that time, he meets a wonderful woman who can encourage and kick him to stop for a moment and see life from a different perspective. I believe that many times a good friendship and a great friend are above all psychologists,” said Petra Hřebíčková about her role.

Starring Petra Hřebíčková and Lenka Vlasáková. The comedy Matka v trap is being filmed

Her mother Regina, but also the mother-in-law of Sylvia’s husband Tomáš (Jaroslav Plesl) is played by Jana Švandová.

“Regina loves her daughter, her grandchildren and wants only the best for them. At the same time, she has reservations about her son-in-law, who, according to her, is not the best for Sylvia, and a lot of sparks arise from this,” she stated.


Mother in troubleVideo: Falcon

According to Jaroslav Plesl, “the film also seeks answers to what causes a crisis in a relationship. Because there must always be two at a crisis in a relationship. Even the most serious situations in life, if viewed with perspective, can ultimately bring humor. And therein lies the recipe for life. To look at even the most serious situations from the height of the first floor, because then everything is easier”.


Mother in trouble Video: Falcon

The screenwriter of the film, Uljana Donátová, points out that Matka v trap he has no ambition to instruct, preach, or moralize.

“We wanted to offer a story that audiences of different generations, men and women, can relate to. So that they can find the imprint of their personal situations in individual heroines and heroes and look at them with humor, self-irony and a kind distance. I hope that the viewer leaves the cinema not only entertained, but also with a hopeful feeling that all life’s problems can be solved and that it pays to believe in both love and friendship. If you say to yourself: this could be about me too, then we did it right,” she said.

The film Matka v trapu will be released in theaters on February 22.

Mother in trouble, almost a comedy about life


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