Brad Pitt is likely to star in Tarantino’s latest film

Brad Pitt is likely to star in Tarantino’s latest film
Brad Pitt is likely to star in Tarantino’s latest film

Some movie news are more enjoyable to read than others. The fact that Tarantino vehemently claims that the tenth and next film will really be his last directorial cut is unlikely to put a smile on anyone’s face. However, he is even more excited about the fact that he should help close his famous film career Brad Pittwho, thanks to their last collaboration, earned an Oscar for his extremely likable and grateful role as Cliff Booth.

He should appear in Tarantino’s upcoming film The Movie Critic. Bit by bit That time in Hollywood and Shameful banners so it will be their third collaboration, if we don’t count True romance, for which Tarantino only wrote the screenplay. Nothing more is known about Pitt’s role, the famous director keeps his cards close to his body and hasn’t revealed much about the film yet, but according to the website Deadline, it should definitely be the main part.

Last year at Cannes, however, Tarantino said the film would be set in Southern California in the 1970s and would focus on the character of a cheerful film critic who doesn’t go far for a sharp word. Comedian Paul Walter Hauser allegedly received the offer for the main role of the cynical reviewer, who, for example, in Egrets he showed that he is good at serious acting. Further casting remains under wraps. Pitt is currently filming a Formula 1 racing film from Apple, directed by the author of the second Top Gun, Joseph Kosinski. However, the Tarantino film should start filming this year in sunny Los Angeles.

Take out at the pub: Tarantino allegedly drew inspiration for the film’s plot from the porno slices he tore into slot machines as a youth. He was intrigued by one of the guards who, in addition to penises and vaginas, also offered film reviews by this forgotten critic, who should be the model for this film.

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