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The iron rule of free cinematography is that when the creators don’t have a better idea of ​​how to satisfy the hungry audience, add a cute guest to the film. (When they are really desperate, then invite them to speak.)

pionn comedy Argylle: The Secret Agent thus she employed a (baby) cat named Alfie, who is a faithful guide and the only really close creature of the author of pioneer novels Ella Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard). The first one presents her current book about the Bond hero Argyll and is writing a new one, her mother is her main consultant.

The homely and introverted Elly says it is a shame that in her novels about a criminal organization, she wanders around the world and hits on secret realities. The inevitable therefore follows: a descent of killers follows, one step ahead of their rival Aidan (Sam Rockwell).

Accompanied by him (and after a great deal of fun with coke on the walls), Elly has to be willing to go on an adventure, which eventually turns into a hunt for a criminal. The character of his hero Argyll, played by the representative of Superman, Henry Cavill, constantly twists the dream of the writer into his own ways.

What I’m going to meet seems to be some kind of variation on Mue of Acapulcowill soon turn into a multi-layered mystification, and the basic plot-creating element is surprise, which always teases my current perspective.

As an idea, it doesn’t sound bad, especially when it comes (as a true promotional material) from the mind of Matthew Vaughn, the creator of the British comedy pioneering series Kingsmen or simple superhero parodies Kick-Ass.

To add to the meme, the fifty-two-year-old Anglian Matthew Vaughn is signed on as a producer for Guy Ritchie’s films Pack your money and get out and Podfu(c)k.

The mysterious author

On The Argylls Vaughn’s mind began to work in the covid lockdown and the impulse was enough. One has become a family screening comedy from the 80s or Hitchock classics To the north by the northwest line from 1959. Vaughn wanted to film something like that for his daughters.

And then a pionn romn whistled on his table Argyll New York author Ella Conway’s debut. Vaughn was interested, but decided that instead of adapting the novel itself, he wanted to develop a fictional story of its author. The work was developed by the mind of actor and screenwriter Jason Fuchs (including co-creator Wonder Woman from 2017) and the project Argylle: The Secret Agent was on St.

Argylle: Secret Agent

US, UK 2024

  • Director: Matthew Vaughn
  • Cast: Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Samuel L. Jackson, Sam Rockwell, Dua Lipov, Bryan Cranston and dal

Premiere November 1, 2024

As it was in reality, there is tko ct: Romn Argyll Elly Conway’s real name, nobody knows anything about its author (which is why social media and then normal media could be dominated by speculation that it was Taylor Swift).

As for the substance of the overall mystification, these are good points for the creators. And they are not alone, a small plus for the filmic ideas collected in the entire film is the water sequence, which is a real adaptation of Brak’s flight of the super agent Argyll.

The chase carried out to absurd perfection in the Greek setting (where the distance between the house and the house in winding streets is the perfect answer to the parting of Argyll’s pole) captures the essence of similar scenes, which are repeated in variations in every proper film.

It’s not the only mistake where viewers can remember how many times they’ve seen something similar in movies. It’s just that, with these jokes, it’s not a smart wink to signal helplessness (when a parody borrows from other parodies, it’s simply not that funny).

Bryce Dallas Howard has portrayed a sympathetic writer and unconventional action heroine, her proportions are not subject to stereotypes and that is a positive element. Unfortunately, Vaughn just managed to drown the main character in an unflattering multifaceted change of personality and appearance, which doesn’t work very well, even in the film.

The value of the picture is increased, for example, by Bryan Cranston in the role of the main villain or Samuel L. Jackson in a supporting role. But in spite of my claims, it’s the fifth film with a coke in a backpack.

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