The Machine Brothers, the third Equalizer and maybe Alexander the Great –



Are the Machina brothers heroes or murderers? Five young men with pistols, pursued by thousands of soldiers, touch the limits of their own fear and bravery in the fight for their lives in one of the most poignant stories of Czechoslovak history. The explosive theme directed by Tomáš Mašín is now available on Netflix.

Evaluation 74%

  • Drama (2023)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • Netflix


During the Second World War, two young policemen from Antwerp must choose whether to help the Nazi occupiers or to stand against them. You can watch the Belgian war news on Netflix.

IMDb rating: 74%

  • Original title: Will
  • Drama (2023)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • Netflix

The Equalizer 3: The Final Chapter

Anti-injustice fighter Robert McCall makes his home in southern Italy. He soon discovers that his new friends are being watched by local crime bosses. When events take a deadly turn, McCall knows what he must do: become the protector of his friends and stand up to the mob. In the final part of the gritty action trilogy, Denzel Washington murders again.

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Evaluation 73%

  • Original title: The Equalizer 3
  • Action Movies (2023)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • HBO

Mr. &Mrs. Smith

A pair of elite assassins land their dream job when they are hired by a powerful government agency. In order to keep their jobs and not reveal their cover, they have to pretend to be married. It is a remake of the hit movie with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but this time the plot is much closer to the original serial version.

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Evaluation 71%

  • Action Movies (2024)
  • 8 episodes (new from 02/02/2024)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • Amazon


Thriller from a mountain village in Galicia, Spain, tells the story of disagreements between one of the local men and a French couple who immigrated here. What starts innocently enough soon turns into an intense psychological thriller.

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IMDB rating: 75%

  • Original title: The Beasts
  • Thrillers (2022)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • HBO

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