Women’s dress shoes? One pair like Lady Diana


The question of universal dress shoes seemed to be closed with the appearance of nude pumps before 2010. Patented pairs dulled over the years, and after experiments with platforms, the development stopped for a time with the classic pointed-toe pump shape. But then what had to happen happened. Body pumps have become tired and today they are in the position of a pair that you reach for when you don’t know where to go anymore. Yes, they have their place in the shoebox, but maybe it’s time to look around for something more interesting.

The concept of shoes that go with almost everything is perfectly fulfilled by footwear in which Princess Diana she went through a nice line of years. They are silver pumps.

Diana and her favorite shoes

It is no coincidence that we are talking about them right now. Metallic reflections they have been in the course for some time and this year he especially wishes for silver, which has been a little behind in recent years. Silver pumps are much more effective than flesh pumps, and although they won’t go with all your everyday outfits, it’s a completely different song when it comes to evening models. Therefore, if you are not currently wearing a dress with gold elements, you can definitely count on the accompaniment of silver shoes.

As Princess Diana found out for herself, these shoes go well with dresses in light colors, with silver details, but also with colors such as red or blue. In addition, the metal looks luxurious in itself, and will thus play the role of a small accessory for an evening or social outfit. Don’t feel like experimenting too much? Get a silver one too notepad and you have a duo to save you from any evening event.

10 pairs you can get

Are you inspired by Princess Diana and want to look for silver shoes? We have selected for you the 10 most beautiful pairs that you can currently find in stores. Among them are both classic boats and slingbacks or pumps with a loose heel. Lady Di also had these in her collection and they are still relevant today. A trendy thing that also has a stylish retro touch are shoes with a strap over the instep, so-called Mary Janes. They have a pleasantly stable and lower heel.

  • Do you have long-term plans for the shoes? Pay more for a higher quality pair and a better finish that isn’t like a smooth mirror and won’t scratch at the first opportunity. After all, textured leather is more durable than synthetic.

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