Franta the Alien movie? We are making fun of Brno, but in a good way, says the director


/VIDEO, PHOTO/ The city of Brno plays an important role in the new comedy Franto the Alien by director Rudolf Havlík. The film had a ceremonial pre-premiere on Thursday evening in Brno.

The city of Brno plays an important role in director Rudolf Havlík’s new comedy, Frant the Alien.

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“The original idea was that the film would take place in a small village, where some alien entity falls. This is the source of wit and humorous situations. It occurred to me that if there is something here from outer space, it is definitely Brno. I like him. In particular, there is one artifact here that looks like it’s from an alien world, and we ended up building it all on that,” director Havlík confided to Deník.

In the new film, the Brno Astronomical Clock fulfills its cosmic role, which stands on Náměstí Svobody. “On the occasion of the nationwide premiere on February 8, special extraterrestrial green balls will fall from the Brno astronomical clock. It will be every hour from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. – a total of thirteen balls,” mentioned the head of the Brno Film Office, Ivana Košuličová.

VIDEO: Another section of VMO in Brno. See where and how the Ostrava radial will lead

Viewers can look forward to a great dose of humor. “We made fun of everything about space, the Czechs, the village, a little bit about Brno, but in a good way. We tried to promote the film with as many forums as possible,” said Havlík.

It was not his first time directing in Brno, he also shot his very first film in the city. “Everyone here was nice to me back then, they stopped my trams just to get a nice shot. Working with the people here has always been great, just like now that we’re shooting in town again. We spent about three or four days here and it was nice. I love coming back here. I have a lot of friends here. We beat each other because of Brno, because of Prague. It’s fun, which we have now turned into a film,” Havlík mentioned.

The film Franta the Alien had its preview in the Velký Špalíček cinema on Thursday evening. In a trailer from the movie Jakub Prachař and an alien.Source: Vojtěch Resler/Fénix Film

In addition to the director, several actors who played the main roles in the film came to the festive pre-premiere. Specifically, Tereza Ramba, Jakub Prachař, Petra Hřebíčková, Vasil Fridrich and Kateřina Marie Fialová.

“I love Moravia. Every time I see a movie it takes me back to you, I’m going. I’m just sorry that I won’t have time to look at all the businesses here today and see what’s new. I haven’t been here for a long time,” said Ramba on Thursday, who has already shot several films in the south of Moravia.

In the comedy Franta the Alien she has the role of Božena. “She’s a smart intellectual rocker who’s not afraid to rule the household,” she described her character Rambo.

A theater play based on Katerina Tučková's novel entitled Bílá Voda will be presented by the Brno Municipal Theater next week.

Bílá Voda in Brno. The Municipal Theater is preparing a play based on the novel by Kateřina Tučková

She recalled in the film collaboration with Jakub Prachař. They’ve played together before in the film Be a Man and before that in the Fifty. “We have known each other for years, we are friends. He is a great actor and an even better entertainer. My favorite trips with Jakub to Brno, when he and producer Míša Flenerová entertained us for two hours,” smiled the well-known actress.

She admitted that it was difficult for her to get into the role of Božena. “I was filming The Alcoholic’s Notebook, such a complex psychological film, and then I came to film Božena. It was a big change, I enjoyed it a lot. We ordered. It was so relaxing. I’m very happy that I was able to look into comedy as well,” added Ramba.

  • You can see photos from the preview here

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