Secret characteristics according to the horoscope: The other face of the sign


Most people care about how they appear in the eyes of others, what others think of them, how they feel about them. Therefore, they usually show their surroundings those qualities that they believe will make them appreciated, loved, admired, and accepted. They then hide, suppress or displace the less attractive character traits. They are deep secrets. Qualities that they often don’t want to admit even to themselves. How are you doing?


You seem confident, you come across as someone who knows what he wants. That’s why you don’t ask others for their opinion. However, the truth is different. You need confirmation from others that your actions and thoughts are great. You crave reassurance that you are doing the right thing, you demand praise. If you don’t get it, at best you are depressed, at worst you can be irritable, even aggressive.

  • Your biggest secret: You crave praise and validation.


You need assurances for your satisfaction. You have to secure yourself first, then think of others. But that doesn’t mean you’re selfish. It’s just that deep down you think that no one will ever take care of you anyway, that you’re on your own or that you can do everything the best you can. According to you, the weight of heaven rests solely on your shoulders.

  • Your biggest secret: You have to secure yourself, then others.


You are a social sign. You love people – they provide you with intellectual stimulation, they can also entertain. Why is it that even though you spend so much time with friends, sometimes you feel so lonely? You secretly long for a higher emotional connection with another, which you fear at the same time. You are afraid to show how much you need others and how deeply you love them.

  • Your biggest secret: You know how to love and you’re not that independent.

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You are the most sensitive and emotional sign of the zodiac. You want to take care of others, take care of them. However, if something goes wrong in your life, you tend to blame others for your failure. You usually place the blame on those you feel you can afford. Sometimes a family member catches on because you think they don’t value your care and concern enough.

  • Your biggest secret: You can’t admit your own guilt.


You want to be the center of attention, you need to shine and dazzle others. You don’t like it at all when someone else takes over your great lead role or even tries to. Why? Maybe you don’t trust yourself enough, maybe you feel that others could overtake you in something, threaten you. When the spotlight is on someone else, you feel the need to step up, to show how good you are.

  • Your biggest secret: You’re pretty insecure deep down.


Others see you as rational, practical beings who can handle life and still have enough energy left over for others. But you are quite demanding, unfortunately mostly on yourself. Do not build around yourself a bulletproof wall of apparent distance, through which no one can get to you. You too have a right to failure, imperfection and mistakes.

  • Your biggest secret: You are a sensitive person.


You are the friendliest sign of all. You like to meet people, you love their company, but you also remember everything about them: the good and the bad. Sometimes you can almost scare others even in their dreams because of this quality. After all, others forget and forgive. You never – and unfortunately you can remind them of their failure even at an opportune moment.

  • Your biggest secret: You never forget.


You are the sign of mystery. You are able to quickly see through others, revealing hidden qualities and perhaps even deeds. But you also need to confide your secrets, to speak from your deep inside. You act as self-sufficient, strong, independent, but you hide mistrust behind the mask of a strongman. You feel like there is no one to confide in. Maybe also because you know very well that no secret stays hidden for long.

  • Your biggest secret: You need to trust someone completely.

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You are happy people who know how to enjoy life, but you also have your inner demons that you fight with. You are very sensitive, which is perhaps why you are sometimes so ironic and sarcastic. And you are hiding one more secret. You like to travel, but the real reason for your trips may be to escape. You are running from your life or from yourself.

  • Your biggest secret: You have inner demons.


You are so responsible, so eager to secure your family and loved ones, that you don’t show any inner emotions. You seem cold, aloof, sometimes quite hard. At the same time, you are warm, hearty and cheerful people, longing for true love. You work hard and forget to live.

  • Your biggest secret: You are very warm.


At all costs, you want to appear independent and original. Sometimes you show quite flamboyantly how you don’t care about the opinions and attitudes of others. But it is true? You are more dependent on others than you are willing to admit. You are only happy when the people around you are happy.

  • Your biggest secret: You’re not that different from everyone else.


Perhaps others think of you as malleable, too self-sacrificing, and that they can take advantage of you. They are wrong quite often. You know very well who means well and who just wants to use you. You will never tolerate anyone who would hurt you in the long run. You can defend yourself.

  • Your biggest secret: You are not as weak as others think.

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