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  • TikTok has a problem with music licenses from Universal Music Group
  • He did not agree on terms with the publishing house
  • All the songs of Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and others had to disappear from the network

The social network TikTok is facing criticism from users, because the songs of big stars of the world’s pop music, such as Taylor Swift or Olivia Rodrigo, disappeared from it practically overnight. According to available information, representatives of the Chinese network were unable to agree on new licensing terms with the publishing company Universal Music Group.

Exodus of music icons

The original contract for licensing music by current artists covered by the Universal Music label ran until January 31. As of Thursday, February 1st, these artists’ music has disappeared from the platform. And this applies not only if you want to upload a song to your video, because the music has also disappeared from already published posts.

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The biggest star whose music disappeared from TikTok is Taylor Swift. As of Thursday, however, there is no work by Sting, The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, Drake, Ariana Grande, Adele, U2, Coldplay, Justin Bieber or Harry Styles.

TikTok vs. Universal Music

According to Universal Music Group, TikTok tried to resolve the situation, but not very happily. According to his own words, the publisher should have been pressured to sign a disadvantageous agreement presented by TikTok representatives.

“TikTok tried to intimidate us into accepting a deal that was worth less than the previous deal, which was far less than fair market value and didn’t reflect their exponential growth,” studio Universal said in an open letter. In response to the refusal to sign, TikTok said they were disappointed that Universal Music “decided to abandon the strong support of a platform with more than a billion users”.

Young people on social networksYoung people on social networks

Don’t overlook

TikTok will focus more on the Czech market. Controversy is a big problem for us, says the management

In the eyes of Universal Music, this is no small matter. The label strives to ensure fair wage conditions for its performers, as well as protect them from the risks associated with AI-generated music and cyberbullying. Recently, celebrities have been encountering this on the X network – we reported on the issue of deepfake images and videos abusing the identity of the singer Taylor Swift in a separate article.

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