Pouva’s ex-partner before the collapse: A special relationship with a mysterious stranger! He almost killed her!

Pouva’s ex-partner before the collapse: A special relationship with a mysterious stranger! He almost killed her!
Pouva’s ex-partner before the collapse: A special relationship with a mysterious stranger! He almost killed her!

For more than a week, the model Petra Friedlov has been in artificial sleep. According to her friend and former manager, even though the Express has connected several times, she is on the verge of death.

If it burns, it will be a sight. Doctoi j two maximum 20 percent anci per peit. But things will work out, and Peu will be able to wake them up. And if they succeed at all, Petry Friedlov’s friend, who was recently devastated by him, said.

On Peta’s Instagram, in addition to touching messages, a well-informed emberg has now appeared. Information about Peulka’s state of health will only be available to father and son, it’s in pspvk in stories.

Taking the express before that, however, managed to find out very interesting information from Petra Friedlov’s personal life. The handsome model, who became famous for her relationship with the former Nova TV host Martin Pouva, ended her relationship with a mysterious stranger.

They were together for a year. She kept him secret. He is the pin of the veho, tough Peta’s good friend.

He left her helpless. He promised to drink for him. He knew how bad he was, but he didn’t drink. Petra was suffering because of the parties. he said he loved her and she would take care of him instead he killed her. He saw that he was on his feet and left her to her fate, a married woman who should not have been named.

In the case of two, we reported that Petra Friedlov had an acute kidney failure, a heart condition and a lung burn in the past few weeks. She was put into a soft sleep. According to Peta’s friend, there were also very serious complications.

Before being put into a soft sleep, she could not feel her legs and fell. When she fell to the ground, she suffered a very strong blow to the head and had to undergo surgery. I spoke to his father and he confirmed that it was a blood vessel in the brain. It’s horrible. Such a strong woman and you lie there completely helpless and no one knows what the dream will last. It is the helplessness of the parties. She could have died a long time ago with so many complications, it makes me sick, we just have to wait said friend Petry Friedlov.

Due to the health condition of the beautiful model, we contacted his ex-partner Martin Pouva. He was understandably in the eye.

I blamed it etc. We last wrote before Christmas. We wrote about his son Dominik. He told me that he was sick and not in time. She complained that she had taken her away quickly, but claimed that she should be fine. Then I don’t know anything. I ate things on social media with horror. I wrote to Dominik what was going on, but he didn’t answer me for a day. I don’t know anything concrete, but there’s probably no time said Pouva, who maintained good relations even after breaking up with Petra.

I don’t understand what’s going on at all. I don’t know what would cause me such trouble. But I know he’s strong and he’ll get over it. I don’t want to imagine what could happen. I hope it gets late and I keep my fingers crossed. I think of her to make it through. She was always strong and overcame everything, so I know, even this, said the moderator.

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