I have throwaway knees, says Golden Swan and Aristocrats star Lewandowski


Fans of the series Zlat labu or Dobr rno, Brno have known her for a very long time. In addition, Simona Lewandowsk (25) also appeared in the comedy Aristocrat in the Boiling, where she was locked in a castle. What about all the rolls? Which one is the closest? In an interview for Expres, she also talked about why she has to work not only on the set.

Denisa is the first-born daughter of Bendy, who sent her to the farm to get away from her. The fact that he is quite direct, you have to spread your boundaries, so they are a storm, Simona Lewandowsk revealed it at the premiere of the comedy The Aristocrat in Boiling.

There has to be something with each character that I can understand or capture, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to play it, said the actress who won the series Zlat laba and Dobr rno, Brno!.

With Deniska, nor with Andrejka from Dobrno, Brno! I don’t have much in common. I don’t really identify with you she added.

Actor delegation at the Aristokratky va var premiere

In addition to Simona Lewandowska, Marek Zelinka was also present at the premiere of Aristocrats in Var.

In addition to the small series, Ebra from the Czech TV series Hlavn to zdrav will soon be introduced in the production. Five times, we asked Simona how she feels about it. It’s just that he is at an age when a person often feels that he is immortal and nothing can happen to him.

What did she say? Why does he have to search? Find out in the video interview of Expres!

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