In Tuesday Street, the state of Jirka’s sperm becomes a thing


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Jirka and Gábina will roll their eyes at the insolence of Mr. Judge and Milena in Tuesday’s episode. The two join forces to push Jirka for a spermiogram examination. Meanwhile, Iva meets lawyer Elen at the salon and learns that a certain extenuating circumstance could help her. However, it will be unpleasant for Bara.

An adamant judge sends his son for a spermiogram

Mr. Judge’s desire for a grandchild is beginning to exceed his limit. On Tuesday, he will even meet with Jirka to force him a leaflet inviting him to undergo a spermiogram examination. When he discovered that Gábina and Jirka were not planning any offspring in the foreseeable future, he deduced that his son probably had fertility problems. After all, the years fall, time spares no one much, and the quality of sperm gradually declines. Poor Mr. Major hopes it’s all just a dream. He has absolutely no intention of dealing with these purely personal and sensitive matters with his father, which, by the way, has absolutely nothing to do with him.

This is not a pleasant conversation for Jirka. | Source: TV Nova

But the judge apparently suspected that his son would beat him, because he went to the pub with the leaflet and tried to get allies on his side in the form of Milena Pumrová. Admittedly, that won’t give him much work. In order to strengthen her daughter’s position in the family, Milena gladly meets him and willingly fights with him. He then personally puts the sperm test leaflet right under Gábina’s nose. After all, what will it do to Jirko if he goes to the doctor just in case? After all, it is better to be sure and know that everything is working as it should.

Gábina understandably does not share her opinion, or rather she is not going to let herself be pressured into anything by meddlesome family members. If a situation arises where Jirka will not be able to produce a child, then they will solve this problem exclusively together, as a couple, because of course it is only their problem and no one else’s. But it can probably be assumed that Herman Sr. will not be swayed so easily and will continue to try to assert his own. As early as Wednesday, things will really heat up between him and his future daughter-in-law.

According to the lawyer, testifying about the rape would help

When will appear in the Elen Mrázová salon years later, Jitka can hardly believe her eyes. A sympathetic lawyer once helped her put the psychopath Cuckoo behind bars. Now she should help the Klíms with the problems they got into because of the car accident. Iva is currently charged with assault, but the seriousness of the offense depends on a lot of things and could still change in Iva’s favor.

It will probably depend a lot on whether she and Bára are free to add to their statements to the police and state there why Bára actually reacted so hysterically and scared when she met three drunken young men. The point is that she was raped in the past, and so similar experiences are even more painful and threatening for her. No wonder she panicked and screamed in the car for her mom to drive away. Unfortunately, the ladies kept this important circumstance to themselves for now, but it could be of fundamental importance to the police. Will Bára be free to testify again and describe in detail the terrible experience with Mareš?

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