Mallorca: The beauty died after a banal breast plastic surgery


Beautician Donna Bee (†30) from Wrexham, England, died in Majorca during a banal breast plastic surgery. Her body probably reacted badly to the anesthetic and she had a heart attack and later died. She had heart problems in the past. Donna’s family have now revealed that the consultation with the plastic surgeon was only done by email and that he had already inadvertently killed one patient.

According to The Sun newspaper, Donna already underwent breast plastic surgery at a clinic in Mallorca several years ago. However, she returned there in September to have her bumps repaired. A young woman who already had heart problems in the past, apparently as a result of the body’s unusual reaction to anesthetics, suffered a cardiac arrest. She ended up in the intensive care unit, where she unfortunately died two weeks later.

Her family learned of her death when the clinic wrote a heartbreaking message to her friend on Instagram. Reportedly, the doctor was very nervous and could not explain what exactly happened. Relatives began to search and discovered that the entire pre-operative consultation was conducted only by e-mail.

The shock came when the police came to arrest anesthesiologist Mateo Verdo Vallespira. Turns out he’s already behind bars for another manslaughter of a patient. Before entering prison, he was banned from performing activities, but the doctor did not respect him and managed to operate on young Donna at that time.

Beautiful Donna had a heart attack during plastic surgery

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