She walked down the street and the Italians were drooling. Her photo became an icon of feminists

She walked down the street and the Italians were drooling. Her photo became an icon of feminists
She walked down the street and the Italians were drooling. Her photo became an icon of feminists

No, it really doesn’t look like the attention of the Italian streets. A 20-year-old woman in black shoes rushes down the sidewalk, clutching a bag and sketches with one hand. There is no other woman in the picture, but we see fifteen guys and all of them are shamelessly looking at a beautiful American woman.

The photo of its perfect composition reminds me of the painting of a Renaissance master. On the left, the appearance of a woman with a stone statue of values, a father in an unbuttoned jacket and a cigarette in his hand, on the right, a laughing young man on a moped. Prompted, the dude immediately reached his hand into his crotch and kissed the girl in a hairy kiss. Or perhaps for a greedy couple psk?

Yes, at first glance it seems that the American photographer Ruth Orkin captured a typical Italian in Florence in late 1951 masculinity in the day, the feminist terminology toxic masculinity was used. In other words, a typical morning in the middle of Italy, where women are preparing lunch and their fancy husbands are hanging out in cafes and looking after women.

But the reality is far more interesting.

The woman in the picture is Ninalee Craigov, who went on an adventure to Europe in her fifties. Under the pseudonym Jinx Allenov, she traveled through Great Britain, France and England and enrolled in an art course in Florence. In the Renaissance pearl of Tuscany, she met six years older Ruth Orkin, who was returning from a work trip to Israel.

Both of them were deep into the other’s pockets and met in a hotel where they spent one night on a dollar. And so they thought that they could make a series of photos about a girl who went on a journey on her own. Such a thing was quite early to travel at that time, free-spirited trips were a long way, and American women went to the old continent only accompanied by a manel.

A photo essay from Florence was published in Cosmopolitan magazine in 1952 as a picture of a companion to a manul, how to safely travel abroad without the companionship of a manel or a pet. Beneath the photo of fifteen, he was able to stand on the corner of Piazza della Repubblica with thin enough to warn that his behavior abroad is to surprise me.

Ruth Orkin in Ostrava

Hollywood portraits and poulin pictures of famous American photographers are currently on display in the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava. The installation called RUTH ORKIN / A Photo Spirit will be on view until May 12 in the House of Arts

Public admiration should not make you nervous. Eye-catching ladies is a popular, fashionable and flattering style of wearing a suit that you will encounter in many foreign countries. Again, they are mostly hlunj and nzornj not men in America, but don’t let them hurt you in any way, the English magazine urged the American housewives. It should be noted that the Itala retouched his crotch.

The photo was completed by e. Young American women painted it on their walls and, in their desire for adventure, began to discover the charms of the Apennine Peninsula, especially when a year later Audrey Hepburn won an Oscar for the romantic comedy Empty in the City. In the 1980s and 1970s, the film became a symbol of the women’s movement.

The composition of the photo is so perfect that both doubted whether it was staged. Years later, Ninalee Craig denied it, all fifteen of them in the photo are 100 percent authentic. The photographer just handed her over to drive past them once, because she didn’t seem confident enough on the first ride.

And if you blah? No. I was excited. It was the best year of my life. I was like Beatrice through the streets of Florence. I felt like Dante himself would meet me at any moment, Craig recalled to CNN. After traveling around Europe, she moved to New York, lived by writing and married twice: first to the Earl of Milne, later to a Canadian steel magnate. She died in 2018 at the age of ninety.

Ruth Orkin was an icon of English emancipation. Born in 1921, she grew up in Hollywood as the daughter of film actresses. She got her first camera at the age of ten, and at the age of seven, she set out by herself on a bicycle on a more than 3,200-mile journey through the United States to visit the World Congress in New York.

She was intrigued by the film, so she joined the MGM studio as an assistant. When she found out that the unions wouldn’t let her behind the camera as a woman, she started working as a freelance photographer. And he managed to break through the harsh musk defense. For the New York Times, Life and Look, she portrayed stars such as Lauren Bacall, Doris Day or Rex Harrison, but her photos of the daily bustle of New York are more interesting.

She had to try far to avoid her colleagues, but in the end she herself became a symbol of female emancipation. In her time, Ruth Orkin was much different from her contemporaries… In their photographs, one can perceive the independence of the photographed women, which is in stark contrast to the typical image of women in the household, Katharina Mouratidi, the curator of her Ostrava institution, told MF DNES in an interview.

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