A wild life full of sex and trouble


The film Tram to the Desire Station (1951) catapulted him to prominence, and from that moment it was clear that this masculine handsome man would be a hit not only with filmmakers, but especially with viewers. He earned eight Oscar nominations, two of which he turned into wins – he took home the statuette for his role in The Harbor (1955) and for his portrayal of a gangster boss in the famous film The Godfather (1972). But the life of this actor alone would make for at least a feature film.

The insatiable Brando

He officially was Marlon Brando married three times, but in his case this number is basically meaningless. The actor suffered from what we call today sex addiction. He himself admitted that countless lovers and lovers passed through his bed, he did not resist anything and was allegedly insatiable.

His lover was said to be Marilyn Monroe, with whom he dated until her death. There was also a lot of talk about his relationship with actor James Dean. In public, Brando did not speak very kindly of him, claiming that he was not at all friendly with the young man, but Dean claimed that they had a passionate sexual relationship. Although, what to imagine under the term passionate, no one really knows. In James Dean’s memoirs: Tomorrow Never Comes, it is written that they practiced sado-masochistic practices together, Dean allegedly let cigarettes roll on him and the like.

Official wives and unclear number of children

His first wife was actress Anna Kashfi. They married in 1957 and divorced two years later. The marriage produced Brand’s eldest son. In 1960, he married for the second time, he married the actress Movita Castaneda, with whom he had two children. The marriage lasted eight years. In 1962, he stood before the altar for the third time, marrying his co-star from the film Mutiny on the Bounty, the beauty Tarita Teriipaia, who was about 18 years younger. This relationship lasted for ten years and two children were born from it.

From three marriages, the actor had five official children, another three he had with his housekeeper, and another three he adopted during his life (they were the daughter of his third wife from another relationship, her niece and the fourteen-year-old daughter of his assistant). But just as Brando was unable to count his mistresses and lovers, rumor has it that the number of his children is also unclear. In addition to the eleven official ones, there are also unrecognized ones. Pin? No one dares to guess that.

Worst father under the sun

The actor was not the dad you wanted. He probably prepared the hardest life for his first-born son Christian and daughter Cheyenne. After the breakup, Brando and Christian’s mother argued over who would have custody of the boy. First, the mother won the court case, but then Brando accused her of using drugs and he got the child, but he was mainly cared for by nannies. Then the mother kidnapped the son, they found him only after several months and definitely not in good condition. He was sick and apparently not well cared for.

As an adult, Christian couldn’t resist drugs and alcohol (like his father) and developed them mental problems. But the biggest drama came in 1990, when he murdered the boyfriend of his half-sister Cheyenne, allegedly because he was abusing her. He was in prison until 1996. At the time, he let it be known that he owed his messed-up life to his father, whom he said he is incapable of love and there is something cursed in his family.

Cheyenne, who committed suicide a year before his release, revealed that her boyfriend did not abuse her. Brando is said to have forced her to claim this, thus indirectly inducing her son to commit murder. Supposedly because he was jealous of his daughter. It was speculated that he had an incestuous relationship with her and that Brando is the father of his granddaughter Tuki. Christian died of pneumonia four years after his father, aged 49.

He died alone and in debt

He suffered during his career bulimiato stay slim. Before his death, Marlon Brando lived alone in a tiny apartment in Los Angeles. He almost didn’t come out. He allegedly gained 150 kilos and did not even remotely resemble the famous sex symbol. The cause of his death was respiratory failure, he died at the age of 80.

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