The police arrested Thunberg during the Eurovision protest


At first, it was not entirely clear what was the immediate cause of the arrest or whether she was at risk of any further punishment. However, the agencies released video of Thunberg and other activists in a sit-in blocking an area outside the hall in Malmö and chanting pro-Palestine slogans as police circled around.

“I’m here to show that we think it’s outrageous and inexcusable that Eurovision lets Israel participate while it’s committing genocide,” Thunberg said at a demonstration before her arrest.

5,000 pro-Palestinian activists demonstrate in Malmö, where Eurovision is being held


“When a country behaves in a way that is unacceptable, Eurovision will disqualify it. Then why not Israel?” said the activist, apparently referring to the fact that the organizers of the singing competition in 2022 excluded Russia, which launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine that year.

Due to the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, the participation of Eden Golanová, representing Israel, aroused great passion at this year’s Eurovision. In the original version, her song Hurricane referred to the bloody attack by Hamas on the Jewish state last October, during which around 1,200 people were killed. This triggered a military retaliation by Israel, during which, according to Hamas authorities, over 34,000 people have already died. According to the Swedish police, up to eight thousand people took part in Saturday’s protest against Golanová’s participation in Eurovision.

At the same time, the fate of the twenty-year-old Golan is linked to two wars. The daughter of Jewish parents originally from Ukraine and Latvia, she was born in Israel, but lived in Russia from the age of six to eighteen, where she also began her singing career. As Ukrainian media remind, she also performed at official events in Russia-annexed Crimea. But when Moscow launched an invasion of Ukraine, her family returned to Israel years later.

The winner of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden, after Saturday’s final evening, was the Swiss singer Nemo with the song The Code. He received the most points in the sum of the votes of the national juries and the audience. Czechs sent the most votes to Ukraine and Israel.

Greta Thunberg was fined for blocking the entrance to the parliament


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