Jean-Michel Jarre and Brian May on one stage in Bratislava


Preparations for the concert have been going on for a week in the Slovak capital, and a stage with perfect musical equipment, a battery of lights and lasers has been erected near the Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising in Petržalka. The visual side of the performance also includes a UFO restaurant on the aforementioned bridge, and dozens of drones will be circling over Bratislava.

Visitors to the general rehearsal of the concert could already enjoy the show on Saturday. “I’m a fan of electronic music and Jarre is my favorite. I believe that such a show has never been in Bratislava, and I couldn’t miss it,” said Peter, who lives in Petržalka and is really looking forward to the concert.

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Photo: Ivan Vilček,, Novinky

Jean-Michel Jarre and Brian May will perform in Bratislava

Fans from all over Slovakia and neighboring countries are expected to attend the performance. The problem may be the capacity of the Incheba area, which according to the organizers can accommodate a maximum of 30,000 spectators. Other interested parties will have to settle for more distant places. The site opens its doors at 18.00 and visitors must go through a strict security check. Entry is free.

Starmus is the largest international festival of science, art and music that brings together enthusiasts from different fields. The festival in Bratislava will last from May 12 to 17, and the group The Offspring will also perform here.

The program will also include the presentation of the Stephen Hawking Prize for Science Communication. The Stephen Hawking Medal for Science is a prestigious award for the popularization of science at the international level. In the past, for example, Dame Jane Goodall, Sir Brian May, Buzz Aldrin, Brian Eno and others won it.

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