Artistic QR codes will replace the usual black and white boredom. You can create them on iPhone and Android –

Artistic QR codes will replace the usual black and white boredom. You can create them on iPhone and Android –
Artistic QR codes will replace the usual black and white boredom. You can create them on iPhone and Android –

We probably all have QR codes in our subconscious. These are standardized next-generation barcodes that can contain a web link, email address, phone number, text message content, calendar event, plain text, payment information, and much more. Compared to ordinary barcodes, you store a larger amount of data in them, but in black and white form they are not very visually attractive. However, the advent of artificial intelligence opens the door to so-called art QR codes – artistically rendered codes that attract attention at first glance.

Some QR Art codes created on a mobile phone are easier to read, while others make you sweat…

A label has been adopted for new generation QR codes “QR Art”and these are QR codes of which it is a part graphics drawn by artificial intelligence. Boring codes can be stylized into works of art, food, buildings, trees, natural scenery, cars, Christmas decorations, clothes, and anything you can think of. In essence, works of art are created, which also include a QR code that provides additional information, such as a web address, the name of the author or any other information. QR code stylization is primarily fun, where it wasn’t available before.

However, the artistic side sometimes outweighs the usability. Of course, you can still scan the codes with your phone, but it’s no longer “lightning speed”, where all you need to do with the viewfinder is a moving shot of the QR code without focusing, and you’ve read it that morning. Scan QR Art he needs some time. Certain specific combinations do not work right away, so you have to give your phone some time, or Regenerate QR Art in a more readable form. Or tilt the image, move it closer to the capturing phone, or, on the contrary, move it further away.

We create QR Art on a smartphone

Already on Android and iOS there are several applications, which you can use to create QR Art, but many of them oblige you to a subscription, without which you can’t even try a few “sample” QR Art. And you won’t have to subscribe to the service and wait until the end of the trial period. However, we came across this app on Android that will allow you to create AR Art, not only without a subscription, but also without any login. However, the question is how long it will last in its current form without ads…

The procedure is seemingly similar to classic QR codes. You enter the content of the QR code, but also a prompt in which you enter the details of the scene in which the code will appear, the complexity of the generated code (if it cannot be read, you can always reduce it) and also the so-called seed. It is enough to refer to it during creation if you need visually very similar results. Apart from smartphones, QR Art creation has been working in various web applications for a long time. For some of them, you can even choose the QR code pattern, size, and elements you want to omit when generating the graphic.

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