Moderator Petra Svoboda lost her husband, he was hit by an inattentive driver while he was riding his bicycle


Tragically, the host Petra Svoboda (41), her husband, manager Ondej Kivka (38), succumbed to his injuries in an accident when he was hit by a private car on his bicycle.

According to the server, the accident during which Ondej Kivka died should have happened on Sunday in the afternoon in Tborsk, in the village of Drn-Nov ves.

The driver of the Citroen vehicle, born in 1986, did not give way to a man on a bicycle. He was injured in a traffic accident, from which he died on the spot. The police conducted a breathalyzer test and a sobriety test for other drug addicts. With a negative result, ekl policejn speak Miroslav upk.

He was knocked unconscious while crossing the road, he was immediately saved and his heart stopped beating and he was immediately resuscitated. Although they tried to revive the cyclist for several minutes, their efforts were in vain. Lka finally had to state death, specified Fajtlov.

Now it turns out that the victim of Sunday’s accident is Ondej Kivka, the husband of moderator Petra Svoboda, who worked as a marketing editor at TV Nova, where he met Petra, and then founded his own PR agency with a friend.

Kivka married Petra Svoboda in 2019, when the presenter was pregnant, they have one son together, and Petra has a daughter from her first marriage.

It is a life tragedy for us. I ask the public to respect the privacy of our children, the moderator sent me my day out.

The article is in Czech

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