Sergei Polunin has a tattoo of Vladimir Putin

Sergei Polunin has a tattoo of Vladimir Putin
Sergei Polunin has a tattoo of Vladimir Putin

A native of Ukraine and one of the best dancers in the world, she was often called a rebel. Now he posted a picture on Instagram where his tattoos are visible on his torso. In addition to the faded image of Vladimir Putin in the middle of the chest, two new pieces can be seen on the shoulders.

Tanenk didn’t write anything about the photo, and a debate started under him. While his main Russian PC following praises Polunin’s courage and bravery and declares the tattoo to be beautiful, many people ask him why he did it. Remind him of the wolf in Ukraine and some people decide to stop following him.

Last year, in an interview with, Sergej Polunin explained why he had a tattoo of Vladimir Putin’s face removed from his chest. A simple answer to that. I decided to remove my tattoo because I wanted to feel like the same seven-year-old me. To feel again how easy it is to have nothing at all because I had a tattoo on my background for a really long time. And I love them all, they were my life. Getting rid of them wasn’t easy, but I just had to find out who I am without them, he said in December 2021.

A native of Kherson, Ukraine, showed off the portrait of the president on his chest at the end of 2018, at the same time as he tested his Russian passport. Mm him to protect his energy. Vladimir is an angel. I was praying for him, he explained at the time the meaning of the unusual tattoo, which, according to many theories, was meant to support Putin during the elections.

As a teenager, Sergei Polunin moved to London with his parents. He became famous here at the age of nineteen by becoming the youngest member of the Royal Ballet. In 2012, he announced that he was done dancing and wanted to pursue acting. In the end, he fell in love with Russia, where he became a monk and tan dl.

Polunin fascinates the world with his life story, which director Steven Cantor captured in 2016 in an emotional documentary called The Dancer. Fans love his extraordinary dancing skills, which he demonstrates, for example, in the music video Take Me To Church to the music of the singer Hozier. The clip shot by David LaChapelle became a hit on YouTube.

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