Helen Vondrkov was diagnosed with a heart attack

Helen Vondrkov was diagnosed with a heart attack
Helen Vondrkov was diagnosed with a heart attack

Mr. Helen Vondrkov said they diagnosed a heart attack a few days ago, he is still under their supervision, but he can’t perform concerts now. Until Friday, wait for her to go out for two, followed by a holiday, where she will rest and catch her breath. On Thursday the 1st, from the performances in Bojnice, they are scheduled to fly to Slovakia tomorrow afternoon, Helena Vondrkov’s PR manager Lubo Prochzka informed the media in a press briefing on Wednesday afternoon.

He also updated the current issue, in which it was initially stated that he will soon have health problems with his heart. Mr. Helena had heart problems, which is why he is under the supervision of the Prague IKEM, wrote Prochzka.

Inflammation of the pericardium (or inflammation of the heart muscle, pericarditis) manifests itself similarly to a heart attack, chest pain and increased temperature. The disease usually develops over several days and weeks. I don’t want to be sick as a result of a disease or a classic virus and I don’t have to have a dramatic course. In some cases, my lungs and heart fail.

On Tuesday, her husband and manager Martin Michal also spoke about the state of health of the saint. Helenka is now under the table’s control. Perform me, but must avoid stress and physical exertion. That’s why today she apologized to me on behalf of Hana Zagorová. We have about two flights and then we have a full vacation, so Helenka will take a break and gather her words, he wrote.

Helena Vondrkov promised her fans that she would do her best to be in the spotlight. I therefore apologized to Tefan Margit for health reasons. But I will be with Hanka for a long time, whom I was very fond of and we were in contact until the last days before his sudden departure. I supported her in her struggle with her health problems and I knew she was a piece of cake. With his departure, I am laughing and that was it, she wrote.

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