Kurkov: I grew up playing basketball

Kurkov: I grew up playing basketball
Kurkov: I grew up playing basketball

I am the first guest, so I have to put my energy here to host the Jan Krause Show, the world-famous model Karolna Kurkov, who is flying in the USA.

You are my first duty in everything I do here and there, turn to your host with a smile. This time, the trip to Prague was motivated by the appearance of a top model at the EuroBasket, which will take place in the first half of 2016. Kurkov also actively advocated for this summer’s European Basketball Championship to be held in Czech Republic for the first time.

I represented the Czech Republic, I had to go before the commission and fail. I was St. I thought he must think, why am I there when I’m not a professional athlete. But there was a guy who was a professional basketball player (Josef Kurka, who played the highest score for Pardubice and Dn, note ed.), I also grew up with basketball, as a child I grew up on basketball hits, describes the top model.

The fact that it turned out, and one of the core groups will take place in Prague, I felt as if he had a vision. I have to honor that we were not favorites! They were another country. Someone from the commission didn’t want us much. But then they couldn’t honor no. Then we have to dt you! Come on, guys, we need some kind of medal, he continues in the air. I will cheer there, I will be there, so you will not only see me, but also hear me, laughs Karolna Kurkov.

Her profession was not left out of the conversation either, so she recalled, for example, how she sold a super-luxurious bra with diamonds worth around 130 million crowns.

I always had bodyguards around me, because there were millions who had to attack me, so they had to be looking for me all the time. The diamonds were found on the bra that the woman put on for me, but there were men all around. It was far cold and unpleasant, uncomfortable, it burned, Kurkov felt his feelings.

During an interview on a talk show, Jan Kraus was pedaling a drake that she had brought him from Miami. Vm, e mte rd shorts. These are special. My husband’s and my twelve-year-old son’s shorts are my favorite, especially my son’s, because they have a special pocket. Put everything in the case. It’s long and comfortable, added the top model with a laugh.

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