Imbecile! New volley of Meghan attacks on the Queen?

According to the British media, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the British Royal Court are at loggerheads again. At the same time, Meghan took care of this herself, who publicly declared that despite all efforts to forgive the royal relatives because of her origin, they failed to straighten out the relationship.

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In addition to the Queen and the family, in the last interview she also criticized the whole of Britain. She told The Cut magazine that the British media called her son Archie the “N” word, which is a derogatory term for a black citizen. She uncompromisingly accused the press of racism and tossed in a few rude remarks about the protocol according to which the royal family is supposed to share family photos with the British media. “Why would I give a picture of my child to people who call my children the N-word before I can share it with people who love my children?” was her reaction.

But that was too much for the members of the media themselves. Not only did she lift the presenter of the British TV show Sunrise, Natalie Barr, out of her chair, who called her a moron, but her opponents also got angry. Radio presenter Kyl Sandilands (51) apparently called her an imbecile in a fit of emotion.

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