MasterChef Czechia entertains viewers: Petr came as a master…

Even among experienced chefs, this cooking show is considered very tough and it is difficult for the contestants to handle the pressure that comes with filming. The most watched cooking competition is broadcast in 58 countries of the world and in addition to the format that we have, there is a competition of celebrities, professional chefs and children.

Of course, the three-member jury plays a big part in the success of the competition, and we will start with Premek Forejwhose face has recently been associated with the primary star of the ZOO series, Eva Burešová. A few days ago, a son was born to the couple.

Přemek Forejt is also the chef of the luxurious Olomouc restaurant Entrée. His face is already very well known on television and you can also see him in the show A fight on a plate. He flashed in the series in the past Sunnywhere Burešová played one of the main roles and he met his partner in a music show Your face has a familiar voice.

A selection from hundreds of contestants who entered the competition

Despite the nice financial reward of 1 million crowns, most of the contestants take the competition mainly as a way to fulfill their dream and also learn something. In the second installment, they fought for the apron and the promotion:

Sofia from Černošice

The student, who lived in France for two years for her education, learned something and prepared a puff pastry appetizer for the jury. She filled the baked balls with carrot puree and placed fried cod on top. The simple dish was a success, and the slightly nervous Sofia, who was able to establish a beautiful relationship with her mentally disabled sister through cooking, is a little closer to her dream of establishing a center for handicapped people, where cooking would be one of the ways they could get closer.

Martin from Byšice

The half-Italian did not hide that he wanted to make it to the TOP 30 and prepared swordfish risotto for the jury. Unfortunately, the rice was so tragic that his dreams will not come true.

Simon from Hradec Králové

Simona wants to learn something from the best. In the competition, she took a little risk and chose rabbit meat, which is time-consuming. Her stuffed rabbit leg with sauce and Karlovy Vary dumpling was flawless and the apron secured her advance.

Teresa from Ostrava

The Greek atmosphere was brought to the competition by a young cook whose father comes from Greece and runs a restaurant. So she is close to food, but she chose street food, which she loves. The lamb with roasted eggplant salsa in pita bread was also appreciated by the jury and advanced.

Judges and last year’s winner, source: TV Nova

Pavel from Brno

The croupier bet on a pork tenderloin, but the preparation and presentation of the dish did not please the jury at all, and none of the judges tasted the food. Pavlov was advised to start cooking from the ground up and add some humility because he had not demonstrated anything to be proud of. He took the coldest shower yet.

Peter from Prague

The nutritional therapist and coach would like to use food for her work and would like to change the lives of her clients through good food and teach them that they can love themselves. She was so chatty while making the butter chicken that in the end she didn’t know if she advanced because of the good food or because she didn’t let the judges speak.

Patrick from Kamenné Žehrovice

A young designer cooks for his friends who have come to support him. He wowed the judges with a portable pizza oven that they didn’t know and of course a pizza that no one had prepared for them before. His apron was in his fist as he decorated her with a great steak.

Robin from Žižkov

The young Vietnamese grew up with a Czech “aunt”, because the parents had to earn money for housing after arriving in the country. In addition to his family, the young marketing specialist was accompanied by a woman who practically raised him. It was from her that he picked up his love for cooking and Czech cuisine. But he took a risk in the competition and imprinted the cuisine of his nation on the food. He tasted the tomato in a slightly unconventional way, served it with steak and instead of dumplings he served the jury a fennel salad.

If this combination seems bizarre to you, you’re certainly not alone. The judges were first taken aback and finally impressed. And to the extent that Přemek Forejt drew a golden card and sent Robin straight to the TOP 16.

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