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The first episode of the last series is in the world and it will be shown on Nova on Sunday. It will bring fresh air from the most picturesque corner of the Czech Republic into homes. And what’s new? Major Koutný is about to retire and the Vinická woodpecker has eaten the cottage. Residents keep murdering each other, so the whole team keeps their hands full.

After filming, the filmmakers decided to make a documentary about the film, and so it is director Soukup he led them around the mountains and showed them the locations that were and will be in the series. Viewers will thus have the opportunity to compare how much the Šumava in the series resembles the real one.

Filming was a bit complicated, because a lot of filming was done in protected zones, and everything had to be negotiated for a long time and in detail due to the permission, so that the filmmakers could move around the location.

According to the director, the fourth season is as interesting as the previous series and will most likely appeal mainly to the female audience, as it was in the previous series. Women mainly appreciate personal stories and police work without unrealistic shooters, which mostly attract men to the series. The last fortieth episode is supposed to be very moving.

Vinická and Koutný, source: TV Nova

Jana Vinická has definitely retained her charisma even with increasing age, and Soňa Norisová can be rightly proud of her role. She also said goodbye to the series a little nostalgically, because she always accompanied her son to the filming, and she recalled that she shot the pilot film when he was a little over two years old, and this year she was accompanied by a fifteen-year-old teenager who, over the years, fell in love with Šumava as much as she did.

She also stated that the last series was somewhat complicated by the number of tourists who decided to explore this beautiful corner of the country, and of course they were also attracted by the previously announced filming of the new series of Modrava Police.

The first episode of Escape to Tarifa

On Modrava, it starts off pretty sharp – it’s a corpse right away. Major Koutný brings the bad news from Klatov Vinická that unfortunately he will not get his place, but she takes it as a fateful sign that she should stay where she is. She is happy there.

A new character is coming to the series. The local doctor is finally getting a nurse. She will be played by Petra Martincová (51). She begged the role from her husband, who is none other than director Soukup himself.

Martincová, source: Pavel Gwužď / Nextfoto

You will remember Martincová as Boženka from the film trilogy There Was Once a Cop. It was there that she became close to the director, who was twenty years older. Martincová appears on the screens in small roles, because after the acting opportunity in the film How to Steal Dagmara (2001), the directors did not exactly fight for her, so she started working in the tourism industry.

The smiling actress is actually behind the creation of the whole series, because years ago she asked her husband to write a series for her like “Doctor from the Mountains” where she would star. Jaroslav Soukup has a cottage in Šumava and knows the environment well, so it was clear where he would place the series.

But there was a request for a crime genre from television, and Martincová did not feel up to a serious role, so her hope for a big acting opportunity was extinguished. So at least in the fourth series, she got a secondary role, where she gets her own space and will not be too connected to the criminal plot.

Martincová is happy with her significantly older husband, but her marriage went through a very sad period. Right after they got married, they started working on a baby. But despite all their efforts, they never succeeded. She became pregnant for the first time two months after the wedding, and then six more times over the next eight years. She always miscarried. As the doctor told her, it was a genetic problem and the body resisted carrying such a fetus. The child thus remained just a dream.

After four years, under the baton of her husband, “Boženka z Polda” returns to the acting profession.

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