Seril Slunen zskv netuen pesah: One saw about manel, the other drove him crazy

Slunen gave birth to a new breed. While Eva Bureov (29) stood up for Aneta Vignerov (34), whom Petr Koleko (36) left for Denise Nesvailov (31), his new best friend Eva Decastelo (43) stood up for Denisa. Denisy didn’t even stand up for his friend Petra, who, on the contrary, took the side of the abandoned Aneta. Seril Slunen thus became a pesach, which even its creators did not predict.

The world must have gone mad. While Petra Nesvailov and Eva Bureov took the side of Aneta Vignerov, who claims that Petra Kolek picked on Denisa Nesvailov, Denis went to social gatherings and in public with a lot of hate. People call her a family wrecker, because Aneta and Petr have a two-year-old son, Jiko. While no one has taken Denisa’s side so far, she has finally found her new best friend.

It is none other than his colleague from Slunen Eva Decastelo. Her husband left Ren for a young sportswoman, who managed to get his wedding ring before the divorce. Only Eva supports him and he sings with his new wife. And thus supports, in particular, the breakup of Vignerov’s partnership with Kolek and takes the side of Denisa Nesvailov.

Denisa herself also declared that the day never happened to anyone, because she started dating Kolek, and when he was single. That’s what Aneta said…

No wonder the new best friends had to take a break. There’s a lot going on around them. So they sat at home, ate sushi together, which they ate while watching a romantic movie with Cameron Diaz with a hill of ice cream, and then went for a walk to get the dog. Then both of them retired to sleep.

Eva Decastelo and Denisa Nesvailov had a romantic evening.

Before going, however, Decastelo did not forget to share a touching message for Denisa on social media: Under together, under. She also added a heart to it to show that she stands behind Nesvail.

And so here in our show business clubs and leagues, a new party, new friends and new groups are forming. And all of them somehow have something to do with the Slunen series, which, we allow ourselves to be honored, actually has a lot to do with Pesach, not because its creators were originally mistaken.

Forever together…

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