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What about Tom’s new girl – eXtra.cz
What about Tom’s new girl – eXtra.cz

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The writer Radka Třeštíková (41) and Tomáš Třeštík (44) have not been a couple for some time, but it seems that they have remained friends. After all, Třeštík revealed it himself on Instagram through a photo in which Radka is only in a towel. In addition, presenter Eva Decastelo (44), who has been a couple with Třeštík for some time, commented on the photo herself.

Photographer Tomáš Třeštík and writer Radka Třeštíková convinced fans that two people can remain friends after a divorce. In 2021, after ten years of living together and two children, they divorced. But this does not mean that there is animosity between them, on the contrary.

Tomáš posted a very intimate photo on social networks, in which he is lying on the couch, fully clothed, of course, and in the background his ex-wife Radka is sitting in only a towel, laughing at something on the phone. “We broke up but we’re still friends” he wrote on the photo. Eva Decastelo, Tomáš’s current partner, also commented on the photo with an emoticon of clapping hands. The question remains as to whether Radka decided to just jokingly provoke after the heap of criticism she was included as a model in Karlovy Vary.

Great affection

Eva Decastelo announced her separation from husband René Decastelo this June via Instagram. “Life is not a fairy tale. Relationships are complicated, sometimes things don’t go as planned. The important thing is to be able to admit it. My husband and I were able to do it and understood that we no longer had a future as partners and husbands. But we still remain friends and most importantly parents of our wonderful children. There is no point in solving more. And there’s no point in explaining any more,” she wrote.

The website eXtra.cz was the first to report that Eva has a new relationship with photographer Třeštík. They met at work and also meet in private, most often in a group. But the affection there is great and it’s about something more.” a friend of director Helena Třeštíková’s son told eXtra.cz.

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