What men should definitely avoid on a date

Relationship coach and dating consultant Louanne Ward revealed one of the biggest obstacles in the beginning of dating – the fact that a man talks for a long time and only about himself.

According to Ward, such an “individual” can paradoxically radiate a lack of self-confidence, even if he thinks otherwise, moreover, such behavior gives him more “feminine energy”, which can discourage a potential partner.

“Female and male energy are different. The feminine contains more speaking, the masculine listening. Once a man takes on more of a woman’s energy, a woman is usually not very interested,” Ward explains to the Daily Mail.

How to avoid awkward silence on a first date

Relationships and sex

“Gentlemen, remember that communication on a date is a bit like a tennis match. You hit the ball, she returns it, it shouldn’t be a one-way game,” advises the coach.

Louanne Ward, who has built quite a fan base online for her dating tips and advice, has also previously revealed some phrases singles should stop saying if they want to find ‘the one’.

For example, she posted on her Instagram that it is definitely not desirable for singles to say the phrase “I have no expectations.” According to her, it is somewhat judgmental of other people and is also a kind of little lie – everyone wants something from a date. According to her, the statement is also a kind of “orange flag” that automatically forces others to pay attention.

Obstacles that prevent building a new relationship

Relationships and sex

“These little lies are not red flags that warn you that something is very wrong. But they’re definitely orange flags that give insight into how the other person is doing emotionally and if you’re just wasting their time,” he explains.

“I think everyone has expectations from a meeting with someone new, even if it’s only a small one. The main thing is to enjoy the date. And half the joy of the whole meeting is the hope that maybe this time it can work out,” says Ward.

She also added some other “unattractive” behaviors of both men and women in the beginning of a relationship.

What men don’t dazzle too much when dating
They only talk about themselves all the time, they don’t ask their counterpart questions.
He doesn’t talk nice about ex-girlfriends.
They arrange dates via text messages.
They tell women that dating is easier for them than for men.
They don’t put enough effort into dating.
How to not dazzle women too much when dating
When it takes them an unnecessarily long time to prepare for a date or a walk with their partner.
When they say they don’t really need a man.
Excessive eagerness, constant texting.
When they use crying and hypersensitivity to get their way.
When they say things like, “What do I know, I don’t know you, you might be a rapist” on the first date.

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