Petr Jkl about the film Jan ika: It is also a trick for women

Petr Jkl about the film Jan ika: It is also a trick for women
Petr Jkl about the film Jan ika: It is also a trick for women

It’s not just a film about art, politics and intrigue, to Petr Jkl with the fact that it’s about an unusual relationship between the main characters. The character of Kateina, played by the Australian actor Sophie Loweov, is far from being of a noble family.

Kateina is the fiancee of Jindich from Romberk. It’s a pre-arranged marriage, so it’s not a romantic relationship, Sophie Lowe explained the characters’ relationships.

The marriages of the 20th century were arranged as dynastic affairs. Krlov with krli, knata with knata, stump with stump. It was the usual way. they often saw each other at weddings and in church, and sometimes not even that, added the film’s expert advisor, historian Jaroslav Echura.

Actors Ben Foster, Michael Caine, Til Schweiger or Matthew Goode will appear in the historical blockbuster. Jkl had been preparing it for several years, it was created before those years at the castles of Orlk, Kivoklt, Zvkov, Koln and Tonk. Zasdan scones were created in the Velk Amerika quarry near Beroun, near the Dolská mlná in the Czech Včara region, on the Charles Bridge and in other places.

Klov for us were commercial locations, such as forests and caves. Where the locations did not look full of periods, we had to use post-production. In the end, there are six hundred such encounters in the film, said Jkl.

He stated that he wanted as much as possible to show the beauty of the Czech Republic in the film. Like many filmmakers, he praises the beauty of Prague, which he has to fully explore, where the spirit of history still exists. Pesto, according to his words, had to sell it completely digitally.

A key attribute of the character is his dog’s gouged eye. The loss of the eye is also one of the essential moments of the film. Contrary to the traditional depictions of almost and pirate dogs, however, the creators went for a piece of rag that Kateina’s character tears from her petticoat. We wanted the dog to look old, but quite realistic. In the end, this disgusting, bloody, foamy rag was created, explained skeleton designer Kateina Mrov.

Ben Foster and Sophie Lowe on the set of Jan ika

The film about an unknown old man, who gave birth to the most famous Hussite soldier, will be shown in cinemas both in the original with subtitles and in Czech dubbing. In English-speaking areas, the film will be screened under the title Medieval.

Jkl has repeatedly stated that he fell in love with the young age of the legendary slave, whom no one could defeat. The story begins at the end of the 14th century, when the Land of the Crown is still in turmoil with tyrants and violence. Jan ika and a group of his old men are hired to protect the king’s estate. Jan showed great strategic and fighting skills. The successor is commissioned by King Weclav IV himself.

But in reality, Jindich of Romberk, the richest of the kingdom, ruled the land. Jan arrives for Romberk’s fiancee Kateina. It inevitably gets involved in high politics. Jan’s old values ​​are shaken and he is determined to fight for justice and equality of the common people. From his old age a legend was made and a warrior was born.

The film, which cost about 450 million crowns, will not be allowed to enter cinemas until 15 years after the 8th.

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