Veronika (26): My friend and I decided to lose weight. As soon as that happened, she drove the ball into my back

When I decided to lose fifteen kilos, I asked my friend Šárka (25) if she would join me. After all, it’s better in twos. Even though we started out in the same mood, at the end of our journey we split up. The weight loss has changed Sárka so much that it is impossible to talk to her anymore.

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My chubby friend and I started losing weight

I was never one of the skinny girls. I always had extra pounds. Everyone kept saying I would grow out of it. But when I was still fat in my twenties, I realized that I had to do something about myself. I never had a relationship with sports, so my chance to lose weight was in food. But every day I delayed the start of the process.

I wanted to ease the situation, so I invited my friend Šárka to help me lose weight. She, like me, had at least fifteen extra kilos. ,,What if we throw away what doesn’t belong to us by next summer?“I challenged her once over a cake. She nodded in agreement with her mouth full. Together we came up with a menu that was supposed to help us achieve our dream figure.

The beginnings were difficult. It took a lot of willpower to resist all those sweet and fatty temptations on a daily basis. When we managed to lose the first three kilos, we celebrated our success. In the end, we also forced ourselves to start exercising. At first, we chose brisk walking, after a while running, and finally we bought season tickets to the gym.

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My friend threw me overboard

Within half a year, we lost ten kilos. I have never felt so good in my body as I did at that moment. I was just starting to have a minor problem with Šárka. She started acting arrogant. Her newfound confidence made her a different person. She treated me superiorly. She completely changed her wardrobe and dyed her hair blonde.

One thing had to be acknowledged. She really liked it. I just wasn’t good enough for her anymore. Šárka started hanging out with women from the gym. They went to coffee shops, to the solarium with them, and she had no time for me. It never occurred to her to invite me to their activities. When I asked her once if I could go with them, she said something that really touched me.

,,Don’t be angry, but you don’t belong with us,” she said. ,,You are so ordinary. These girls are in a different league“, she added. It took me a while to realize what she was actually saying. She must have forgotten that when we were little girls, we had no one but each other. And she’s barely a skinny girl, she threw me overboard.

Bronislav (33): I recognized my wife as obese. Now she has lost weight and wants to enjoy the admiration of other men

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Bronislav (33): I recognized my wife as obese. Now she has lost weight and wants to enjoy the admiration of other men

I lost weight, but so did my friend

Our friendship of eight years left together with the lost pounds. Šárka and I sometimes meet in the gym, but we hardly say hello. She’s in that hen house with the gyms and I’m air to her. When I meet her in the city, I can’t help but wonder how she carries herself. Short dresses, high-heeled shoes, but especially with the nose up.

She hasn’t shown up at the gym in weeks now. I couldn’t do it and asked one of the girls what was going on. She whispered to me that Šárka was after breast modeling and liposuction. ,,You know, he wants to be like us“, she giggled. It immediately dawned on me that when he came back, we wouldn’t have anything to say to each other. I’m glad I was able to lose weight, but I’m sad that it cost me one friendship. It’s strange how quickly people can change.

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