Hunt for Vashut. Comedy Look for the woman behind everything

Director Miloslav Šmídmajer cast Hana Vagnerová, Marek Vašut, Tereza Krippnerová, Betka Stanková, Zlata Adamovská, Daniela Kolářová, Igor Orozovič, Marek Němek Jiří Vyorálek and others.

Friends Alex (Hana Vagnerová), Marta (Tereza Krippnerová) and Irena (Betka Stanková) have their dreams, which are not very successful. Irena longs for her own house and subordinates everything to it. Marta wants to be a radio presenter, but she is a pharmacist who wants to talk to people very much. Alex would like a serious relationship, unfortunately she chooses Albert (Marek Vašut), the much older boss of a large company, who is not very emotional.

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Seek women behind everything

He comes up with a plan for Albert to “catch on”. Meanwhile, Irena constantly struggles with her husband Martin’s lack of interest until she gives up and prefers to hand him over to a friend who she is equally more interested in.

“I like humor, but good, rather black. So I really liked that the grandmother I play is set up like that. In addition, with his sharper humor, he is able to straighten out tense situations perfectly,” says Daniela Kolářová about her role.

“There are actors who can say foul or sharp words with such elegance that they don’t sound vulgar at all,” confirms Šmídmajer, “And so I cast Zlata Adamovská and Daniela Kolářová, who can do just that! And Daniela Kolářová, for example, delivers some sharper lines with such grace that I ended up regretting not keeping some of the sharp dialogues there. But they still remained above average in the film!” he assures.

The premiere of the comedy is going to be on October 20.

The article is in Czech

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