Alexander Hemala celebrated his 70th birthday

For the weekly 5plus2, Alexander Hemala recalled his work as an announcer and acknowledged how the famous phrase sometimes got on his nerves. He talked about his seven grandchildren and how he gives them the correct time in the day and television freedom.

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When we announcers on Czech TV quit, we moved about a year ahead, so we could prepare for it and look around for new jobs. Among other things, at that time I received a job offer in a private radio station, which is actually paradoxical, because half of my colleagues from the gate started working in the radio station and then went to television, where the owner also had it, he describes.

By leaving television, my life calmed down a bit and I got the opportunity to try something that I hadn’t tried before, such as acting in the theater or modern programming for do-it-yourselfers, explains Hemala.

He is not the type of hunter who would constantly find new and new targets. I take life as it comes. And when you sometimes have the feeling that nothing interesting will appear at work, something will suddenly appear again. In addition, we have a large family, children, seven grandchildren, so there is someone to look after and someone to take care of. I hope that one day my grandchildren will repay me and they will look for me, and that will be you, k.

He also remembered the work of the announcer. The editors prepared the texts that we wrote before the individual orders, but we were able to adjust them so-called in our mouths so that it fit them better. Factographically, we had to deal with the penalty entry because, unlike us, the editors knew what the song was going to be about. But I know that when I was adjusting the mirror once a week, it got on my nerves a little, laughs Hemala.

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Get rid of the current television mind St. When I watch TV, I am always surprised by what is possible. I’ll watch you on some reality show and think, I can’t think of anything more bizarre. And then after a while I find out that it is possible (laughs). Therefore, I am also returning to the old topic that appears on your T3 memory channel. Thanks to this, I will remind him of the people whom it was a pleasure to meet, but they are not among them at your place, thank you.

I will not try to get rid of the old or the new. Not long ago, for example, I saw a recording of a concert by the group Nightwork, which is about twelve years old, and I have to admit that I am afraid that today it might not even be possible to record it, because some of the jokes and complaints would be so-called “dog ru” in society. It’s the same with poady, like esk soda. At the present time, no one would send them, he cares more about correctness, not in my opinion, he is a legendary announcer.

Pretend you’re afraid that someone’s incorrect humor won’t touch you, and if you touch it, you’ll laugh at it yourself, says Alexander Hemala, who would introduce the documentary about his life like this: Hey, viewers, tonight you’re going to watch a documentary about a hunter who passed and through a colorful life, it only allowed him to meet interesting people, and not only from the world of show business.

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