David Koller: A person with a different view of the world would not play with me in the band

David Koller: A person with a different view of the world would not play with me in the band
David Koller: A person with a different view of the world would not play with me in the band

Has your son Adam ever told you that you are a boomer?

I don’t want to open Google, but what is a boomer?

A boomer is a person whose train is derailed and the younger generation reminds him of it.

It’s also about short-term memory. For example, when the guys came up with Adam playing in the band, I said let’s play this and that song, and he immediately recognized that it was an arrangement from 1991, which made it clear that he had listened to it, but I don’t remember that we have so many versions. It is normal. Dementia has one advantage – that you don’t know about it.

Is there anything you envy about your son’s generation and what you don’t?

I certainly envy those musicians today that they can pick themselves up and go somewhere for any kind of training on their instrument, which was not the case in our youth. And they can get awfully far and fairly quickly, because even if you’re figuring it out yourself, you’re playing by some schools. Or you can take courses with excellent musicians. And you cross your limits even after the first two hours.

As a member of one of the most successful groups in the Czech Republic, the band Lucie, how do you see the current global competition for other bands or artists who are starting out?

I think they have it pretty hard. But that’s probably how it’s always been. There is a lot of competition, many people play essentially the same, someone copies someone, takes models from the West, because there are none in the East, and suddenly someone appears with something different, their own, original. In this regard, it is the same. But the competition is crazy because of the Internet and various platforms.

David Koller

Czech singer, composer and drummer. He belongs to the important musicians of the middle generation of Czech big beat.

The author of many hits became most famous as the frontman of the rock group Lucie. He also performed in other rock formations – Kollerband, Pusa, Žentour, Jasná Páka, Blue Effect. He appeared in the films Praguers, those are hey or Battery 1.

Together with artist David Černý and filmmaker Alice Nellis, he was behind the construction of the cultural center MeetFactory, opened in 2007.

And do you still feel like listening to new music?

The tops of pop music get to you because it finds you and you pay attention. In the band, we stock up on all kinds of genres and encourage each other to listen to something.

But when I want to listen to something new, I go to Billboard.com, for example, where there are charts and countless styles of music. Everything has an offshoot, but some of the brats who do rap can’t be understood, I don’t get it. But even among rap bands and artists, I have my favorites. Old. Like Snoop Dogg.

Do you have any nostalgia for something from the past?

Maybe after some design things, like an old battery radio from the sixties, but that I would be sad for a turntable, not at all.

And doesn’t this also apply to food or sweets?

I was on soy bitches. A priori I don’t reject that time, I find these things funny, I haven’t pushed them out of my head. And I don’t even want to.

Do you enjoy the Boomer Talk podcast?

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Do you ever play an album at home?

Now I found out my record player was broken so I threw it away even though it wasn’t that old. I want to buy a record player because I released two vinyl records with Jasna Páka and our band. I also have cassettes at home, and even a cassette player.

How do you see the possibility that today it is not a problem to record a record at home in the living room?

I take that as a plus. Of course, if those people want to get somewhere higher, they have to buy better equipment. The quality of digital recording has improved a lot in recent times.

When you perform, do you also care about the visual aspect or the sound? How important is it for Lucia to push technical boundaries during concerts?

We always wanted the people who came there to come back next time and take their friends with them. That was my mantra in the early days. It pays to make sure it’s got some seriousness, and we put quite a bit of money into the machines.

I remember the moving ramp you used to drum on at the O2 arena concerts.

I could have been dead because when we tried it I only had a two-point harness and the moment the whole platform tipped over I took the harness off. I just stood on those high heels and told myself that if it slips, it’s over for me. In the end they gave me a five-point harness and I still used my climbing equipment, I had a seat under my shorts.

Are you old fashioned or conservative in anything?

Someone who knows me would have to say that. Give me an example, in what you?

Maybe I’m used to drinking decent wines and I don’t want to go down with the quality.

We musicians are “obsessed” with all kinds of technical equipment, and if you want to have the sound of David Bowie, you have to have the equipment that is no longer made and costs like two hundred thousand.

How important is money to you in life?

Better to have than not to have. But I can’t say that the chase for money really excites me. There are more important things. When I have what I need, I don’t need more. When I have more money, I go crazy with studio equipment, I have three studios and I’m definitely not happier. I’m happy to be doing something I enjoy, I’ve got some great bands and I can do whatever I want. And I am completely satisfied with that.

Have you ever had an argument with someone around you about politics?

I don’t have friends like that. Maybe I live in a social bubble, but I don’t know anyone who has a diametrically opposed opinion. Or they don’t tell me.

What if there was someone like that in the band?

So he wouldn’t play there. Not that I’m kidding anyone, but I think the band doesn’t just come together because of the music, but they also have similar views on the world.

What did Michael Kocáb want to borrow from Lucie? How did David Koller get his first drums? What was the last thing you talked to the cleaning lady about? Listen to the current episode of the Boomer Talk podcast at the beginning of the article.

About the Boomer Talk podcast

Moderator Miloš Pokorný presents himself in a new podcast called Boomer Talk, which is published twice a month on Podcasty.cz.

The term boomer serves as an insulting satire of bitter, old Internet users who feel the need to criticize younger users for their age and interests.

The principle of the Boomer Talk podcast is about comparing new and old things, and Miloš Pokorný interviews interesting guests from various professions on this topic.

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