What awaits you next week in Ulica? Jakub starts…

What awaits you next week in Ulica? Jakub starts…
What awaits you next week in Ulica? Jakub starts…

Next week in Ulica will certainly not be stingy with dramatic scenes and exciting moments. Jakub lures Karla to the roof of a tall building, where he wants to blackmail her with a suicide attempt. Žofka spills wine at the Klím family and Jean-Claude also appears, who will be pretty furious because of Dirk!

Away! Abominable stain! Get lost! Get out!

Veronika offers Iva tickets to the theater, so the Klíms have a nice cultural evening, while Anežka, Svatka and Žofka use the empty apartment for a ladies’ ride. Žofka will even bring sweet red wine to get the party started properly. But there’s a minor accident and a spray of wine ends up on her new pants!

A frantic effort to clean up the stain as quickly as possible ensues. Žofka starts scrubbing her pants in the bathroom, undressed only in her panties, and Michal gets involved in such a scene. How will he help the girls? And what will Ive find very suspicious the next morning?

To live or not to live – that’s what it’s all about!

Jakub’s love for Karla will grow into madness, which will culminate in the very next week. All previous efforts to interest Karla and draw her back to him have failed, so Jakub decides to reach for faith in a drastic solution.

He sends her disturbing videos of him standing on top of a tall building urging a female police officer to come after him immediately or he’ll be bitterly sorry. At first, Karla tries to ignore his manipulations, but eventually gives in and rushes to save the day. Fortunately, she has the presence of mind to call Jirko and ask him for help. Can Jakub be pacified before he seriously injures himself and Karla?

Will Kateřina be invited to Lexík’s party?

Lexík is looking forward to celebrating his birthday. He will draw not only invitations for his friends from the Thrush group, but also for his mother, who can no longer come, but it will certainly make her happy. The sensitive boy moves both Ingrid and Lumir to tears. Nevertheless, Toho is very sorry that he cannot invite Kateřina to the family celebration, because Vilma simply would not allow it. But what will Lumir’s surprise be when Lexik himself invites the Box? And what kind of trouble will happen right during the celebration?

Lumira regrets that she cannot invite Kateřina to the family celebration, Source: TV Nova

Jean-Claude is mad at Skyler! Why is he coming to see her?

Skyler is reluctant to tell her parents the truth about her breakup with Dirk. How they would freak out if they found out her boyfriend had been taking drugs for years! That’s why he decides not to say anything. He quietly moves to Prague and hopes that somehow the whole thing will be cleared up.

But all it takes is one phone call from Dirk to send Skyler’s hot-tempered dad into a frenzy! Jean-Claude leaves everything and goes to Prague. He’s going to make things right with his daughter! What will surface and how will Franta intervene in the conflict?

Wanda is freaking out! Does Evžen want to take revenge on her?

Evžen also brings bad news with him from Australia. Adriana decided that due to rising energy prices, it was necessary to increase the rent. Blanka understands this completely, after all, the prices so far have been more than friendly. But what will be the reactions of the other tenants? Will the increased rent be the reason why Vanda starts acting like a child? This self-centered person always takes a backseat when it’s not her way.

And when a complication appears on the horizon, he immediately takes it as an attack on his own person. Evžen definitely wants to take revenge on her for being happy with Luďek. But he is suspiciously interested in news related to Blanka…

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