Would you buy them? 10 of the most bizarre pieces of design

Balenciaga lace earrings

Demna Gvasaliacreative director Balenciaga, is known for his unrelenting desire to ironize fashion as much as possible and make ordinary and rather bizarre things a hit. In the past, he got, for example, a leather version of IKEA shopping bags on the catwalks, and a few months ago he shocked with a campaign in which they appear ruined sneakers. Now Balenciaga has come under fire again for earrings that are nothing more than tied shoelaces. That is, with the only difference that you buy this model for 325 dollars. And if that wasn’t enough for you, you can throw an equally stylized bracelet behind them in your basket 450 dollars.

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Prada white tank top

Perhaps no recent piece demonstrates the power of branding quite like white Prada tank top from the fall 2022 collection. When this seemingly plain top, adorned with a triangle logo, appeared at a fashion show, where a model carried it Kaia Gerber, the heart of the entire fashion world danced. The question remains whether the hearts of real customers will also jump when they find out that they can buy a tank top for 995 dollars.


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Bottega Veneta shoulder shoes

Designer Daniel Lee he transformed the fashion house during his tenure Bottega Veneta into one of the biggest fashion sensations. In addition to the already iconic green – the so-called Bottega Green – he also contributed to the creation of several bizarre pieces. They are one of them shoes resembling ramen noodles just before pouring hot water. The shoes became a viral hit, which was not without many apt memes and funny comments. While one side argued that the shoes don’t resemble a Japanese soup, but rather a hairstyle Justin Timberlake in 1999, others questioned whether the shoes were sold with a bag of soup seasoning.


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Transparent cover from Moschino dry cleaners

Autumn is approaching, it’s time to put all the jackets and coats you want to wear in the coming months to the dry cleaners. And what else to wrap them in than a stylish bag from the Italian brand Moschino? When buying fashion pieces, you also need to think so that the model has the greatest possible use. So when the package fulfills its cleaning purpose, wear it as a waterproof raincoat. In fashion, it is necessary to maintain humor and exaggeration.


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Gucci ripped tights

The Internet is full of instructions on how to prevent nylons from tearing, or what to do if the eye starts to tear. Alessandro Michelecreative director Gucci, but he went at it from the other end when a few years ago he launched stockings that look like they just had the wildest night. Who wouldn’t want such a luxurious revival of the party look? Consider for yourself how profitable this investment will be in the amount 190 dollars.


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Chanel Advent Calendar

Christmas is here in three months! And this is the perfect opportunity to recall one of the biggest fashion fails of last year. At that time, social networks were flooded with countless videos of angry customers of the brand Chanelwho in great anticipation bought a special advent calendar worth 825 dollars. What was hidden in the package for this astronomical price? For example, stickers, a dust bag or a bracelet with a plastic seal, which the store adds for free to purchases. Moreover, those who were looking forward to the first window opening on December 1 were disappointed. The calendar did not start until the fifth day. And that pays off, right?


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Jacquemus mini bag

Small handbags Jacquemus have become an indisputable fashion hit in recent years. Perhaps there would be nothing so special about the fact that the French designer was not afraid to go to the extreme and reduce the size as much as possible – but isn’t this model for 345 dollarswhich will only serve as a luxurious case for AirPods, a little too much?


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Izolepa Raf Simons

You thought so Kim Kardashian “dressed” in yellow duct tape Balenciaga was a turning point in the world of fashion? Error! He became a pioneer in this regard already in 2017 Raf Simonsformer creative director Dior. You could buy his insulated model for 200 dollars. Needless to say, it’s not bad as an avant-garde replacement for a leather strap. Or…?


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Garbage bag Balenciaga

And her again Balenciaga! “I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to create the world’s most expensive garbage bag,” he commented on his the latest handbag addition Demna Gvasalia. The bag, although its design really evokes plastic, is made of extra fine calfskin and stands 1790 dollars. So that you don’t accidentally throw it in the bin when taking out the trash!


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Brick Supreme

The logo of one of the most hyped brands of recent years could once be seen on almost everything. However, the designer brick from 2016 is still among the strangest pieces ever. Who had six years ago 30 dollars to spare, and maybe he was just building a house, he could definitely choose from a really luxurious building material. However, the real reason why the brand came up with this piece remains shrouded in mystery to this day.


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