Daisies for the lady of the castle: Where did she go…

Daisies for the lady of the castle: Where did she go…
Daisies for the lady of the castle: Where did she go…

A blast of nostalgia brings a teen comedy to TV screens, but mainly watched by middle-aged women to reminisce about another time when there were no mobile phones and designer clothes were just a dream. It was 1981 and Katka fell in love.

A summer story full of worries of youth was created on motifs of the book of the same name by Stanislav Rudolfwho was born before the war, but managed to write absolutely timeless girls’ novels, which were the favorite reading of two generations of young girls.

The book was one of the twelve books that were successfully sold in a foreign language version as well about fifteen-year-old Katka Krásnáwho is lucky enough to have a castellan father and lives at Krabonoši Castle, where she also spends her holidays, of course.

However, Katka is not very enthusiastic about the non-traditional living, because she has to help her family throughout the holidays and endure her free time in the inhospitable and cold castle treasury.

Everything is different the moment he shows up at the castle to studyí a young student of history (Jan Hartl), to make a guide. Katka, who could not fully experience her holiday love at the pond and in the woods, thought that love had found her right at the castle. But the elder Petr did not see it the way she did and considered her a child.

An angry Katka thus staged a theft that could be directed at Peter in order to draw attention to herself. But the police started looking for rare antique pieces, and it wasn’t fun anymore.

It served as a castle for filmmakers majestic Bouzov and it was also filmed in the vicinity of the Uherské Hradiště. She played the adolescent and unhappily in love Katka Sylva Julinová and it remains a mystery to this day where she actually is directed by Josef Pinkava found She had never appeared in front of the camera before filming it, and it is even more of a mystery why the actress never looked for more work in front of the camera after the relatively popular leading role.

Sylva Julinová is 57 years old and instead of acting, she graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Palacký University in Olomouc and became a dentist. Today she is known as Sylva Matulíková. He lives in Zlín and in the city has its own dental practice with a focus on orthodontics. She is a highly respected doctor in her field. She has one daughter and has never been associated with the world of film.

In the movie you can look forward to Jan Hartl, Paul of the CrossZdena Hadrbolcová, František Husák, Jiří Růžička, Stanislav Tříska or Věra Tichánková.

In addition to the strange casting of the lead role, the film is also strange in that a number of actors were dubbed. Stanislav Tříska was voiced by Lubomír Lipský, while Pavel Kříž was voiced by Roman Skamene. Zdeněk Řehoř dubbed František Husák, even the small role of the teacher played by Helena Martinovská was voiced by Helena Růžičková. Probably no one thought about the budget for the film.

The film will be on CT on September 10 at 14:55 and is also on Voyo.

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